Saying bye-bye to dairy for awhile

I long had my suspicions regarding dairy products as foods that irritate arthritis. I read somewhere ( I think it was actually at the Arthritis Foundation website) that dairy can be an issue for those who have arthritis. Here is a nifty little link that discusses foods to avoid if you have arthritis

A few days ago, armed with organic plain greek yogurt (gross), organic whole milk, and two types of organic cheese (heavenly) I began testing these foods. We are asked to eat dairy at all 3 meals and 2 snacks for three days. I made it through one. By mid-afternoon on day 1 my thumbs and wrists felt like I had been lifting sterilization trays back in the Oral Surgery office. Once dinner was over my knees were creaking and aching, and by bedtime the intolerable weight of the blankets on my ankles was no longer a distant memory.

I am not dairy intolerant. I am however dairy sensitive as it directly influences my arthritis inflammation and pain. I’m not heartbroken about the milk situation. I haven’t drank cow’s milk in over two years specifically in response to that AF article. I do (did) have yogurt (sweetened) once or twice a week for breakfast, and cheese was definitely a part of my diet. I’m not heartbroken about the yogurt issue either, although it can be a nice morning protein change. The cheese however is another story as I was hoping to be able to re-introduce that form of dairy back into my diet. Things like sour cream and cottage cheese, as well as sheep milk and goat milk products may or may not be an issue. Some people tolerate those easier than the other forms.

My hope is that, because I had to overload on these items, that with some time and some caution, I can add a little cheese back into my diet with minimal upset to my joints. It won’t be an everyday food though.

So, starting tomorrow I think, I will be testing wheat. I can’t imagine life without bread forever. I would kill for a sandwich right now as no bread has passed my lips for 4 weeks. I shouldn’t complain though. This is probably one of the reasons that I can say I have already lost 14 lbs-but just a little whole wheat, crusty bread–please.


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