Apparently I’m not

The title of this blog would seem to imply that as I am (fill in: alive, breathing, happy, sad, conscious, thinking, sentient…whatever comes to mind) then I therefore will write.

It would seem however that as this blog has been sorely neglected, as well as my presence over at The Perpetual Student is virtually MIA, I certainly am not.

I can’t help but wonder if my lack of verbiage stems from the amount of writing I have to do for class. I do know that in the past I have gone through dry spells in my writing.

Quite frankly I just have nothing worthwhile to say. How many times can I comment on school or tell you THAT IT’S ALMOST OVER.

How many mundane stories can I share…the ones that don’t even interest me even though they occur and define how and why I am.

I feel devoid of any form or relevance lately. Not working at a real job is taking its toll. Adding to that is the end of my student status in just over 1 month. Apparently those were the two things that defined me over the last few years. One is gone and the other isn’t far behind. Who and what will I be then?

I am alive, and breathing, and sentient at the moment. I just am not here.

The horizon looms with the need to reinvent and restructure.  Any grand ideas?


4 thoughts on “Apparently I’m not”

  1. When I first started my blog it was all about the writing. But I find that as I get older it becomes more difficult to find the right words, which is why I changed over to sharing my attempts at photography. I know what you mean about finding a hobby. My house is filled with things that I’ve started and never finished. It sounds like you will be starting a new phase of your life soon when you finish your course at school and a new beginning is always something to look forward to. Just don’t give up on the blog. It’s always good to hear from you.


    1. Thanks Sue! That’s nice to hear. The blog will stay around and it would be great to devote more time to it. I just don’t want it to be a boring recap of my boring future days so maybe some re-tooling and such. Keep those photos of yours coming-your nature images always brighten my day!


  2. [This is probably exactly THE OPPOSITE of what you want to hear, sorry.] You really will be running into a major lack of externally imposed structure soon! That sounds scary. I look forward to seeing how you direct your energy then (and I sympathize for the scary part *shudder*).
    As for writing dry-spells, I blame it on writing-heavy classes, as you say, but also this interminable winter. It’s drained me of everything too. And we don’t even have mudslides out here.
    Keep breathing 😉


    1. I know right….you should see me ineffectually attempting to find a new “hobby” to occupy my time with little success. No matter how much I try I cannot justify grad school-it literally makes no sense for so many reasons and so I flounder aimlessly waiting for a sign…


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