Embracing the creative side

I registered today for two classes–no, no, no–not for a Master’s degree path so calm down.

These two are just some community level, online courses focused on writing and art.

I used to be really artsy-craftsy until my arthritis stopped much of the hand work I loved to do. I’ve often thought about painting and that scares me as I don’t think I have any ability in that arena. I am much more of a fabric arts person and an events type person, whatever that may mean.

The art course is a beginners drawing class. I think that’s a bit safer than jumping into painting and will give me an idea if I can even manage to put an image on paper that vaguely resembles anything in reality.

I suppose abstraction is always a possibility…or maybe following in Pollock’s footsteps flinging paint on a canvas, but I think I’ll start small and work up. Anyway, the drawing class doesn’t start until June.

I also registered for a poetry class. Again nothing major, just simply covering the basics of poetry writing. I have never been one for formal measured stanzas, rhyme, meter and such. If I can write in an open style and convey meaning then I’m happy so I hope to get some pointers when this one begins in May.

I am coming to a decision on that little (large?) dilemma I mentioned in my last post and I will share before long.

Here’s to self-expression in whatever form…


I’m too old to be facing this dilemma, right?

Put yourself in my place for a moment or two.

You are 54 years old-heading to round the corner on 55 in September.

Your children are grown, married, moving on, and with the exception of one and circumstances, all independent financially.

Your spouse and you are…complicated… and maybe unsure

You used to work full-time until your body halted your ability to function well at your job.

You have a granddaughter that you love and fortunately get to interact with almost daily.

You have time on your hands–lots of time on your hands.

You will be completing your college Bachelors degree in just a few weeks-this a goal/dream, not originally planned to amount to a career.

You have already (out of pocket) spent A LOT of money on above degree-justified by the fact that it was a bucket list item, you could have shopped for needless things with that money and it helped your tax return each year.

You really would like to go on with your education however that is ridiculous and not justified in any way as you don’t have plans to hit the job search road to apply what you just crammed into your head for 2+ years.

All that-(plus a lot that I have simply left out)- and now add to the mix this:

An email from your latest, and most respected professor, who you consider a friend, mentor, colleague and just all-around good person that mentions/suggests/advises that “you would make a great professor and I encourage you to go on with your education for as long as you can financially”

Comments are open-GO!


New roads, new words

I made a snap decision yesterday.

I created a brand new blog. The new one will replace The Perpetual Student as it comes closer to closing down.

The new blog, at least for now, will remain un-linked to outside sites like Facebook.

For the most part it is semi-anonymous and it feels good to keep it that way. I am writing there. Writing free verse poetry. Writing in a form that I always assumed to be foreign and not suited to me.

I’m finding that I was wrong. I’m finding that I can express myself in short bursts of words that often say more than an entire paragraph.

Some day, maybe sooner-maybe later, maybe not at all, I will link it to this home blog. For now I feel free to say whatever I want there, to express me and what is meandering through my brain and heart and body.

I’ve really missed simple writing. Writing from emotion. Expressing myself freely.

Right now the posts lean toward  heaviness, darkness, overload, confusion, unrest and it feels great to put all that down in print.


Thoughts on a Chromebook

Does anyone out there use a Chromebook on a regular basis?

If you read my post a few weeks ago about my irritation with Microsoft and their all out capitalist frenzy to force users to update operating systems or face computer hell and extinction then I can personally attest that the beginning of the end has already come to be. It’s nothing major at the moment, although come next Tuesday I am envisioning a complete meltdown of my wonderful old friend, I know that things will have to change.

I am adamantly attempting to refuse buying into the Windows 8/8.1 bandwagon. The biggest reason for this is that I have a greater than sneaking suspicion that within a few years Microsoft will be telling me once more that my brand new, 2014 OS is toast and forcing me to acquiesce to their power once more.

I have been thinking about simply going to a Chromebook and nixing anything Microsoft. I use Google Chrome anyway as my browser. I was pretty loyal to IE for a long time, mostly because I was too lazy to explore other browsers. I’m happy with Google now, it works well and when I want and expect it to unlike IE which has frustrated me to no end.

I realize that a Chromebook lacks things that my trusty Dell laptop has, but the reality is that once I finish this final class I don’t need a computer to do much. One daughter has a Chromebook and seems happy with it. What it lacks for her right now is easily handled on the home desktop computer, however she has always been a Google aficionado so it wasn’t a hard sell for her when her old laptop met with a traumatic end.

I also, being the frugal person that I am, see little reason to spend more money than really necessary for something that will be used for basic tasks.

Any opinions would be appreciated.