New roads, new words

I made a snap decision yesterday.

I created a brand new blog. The new one will replace The Perpetual Student as it comes closer to closing down.

The new blog, at least for now, will remain un-linked to outside sites like Facebook.

For the most part it is semi-anonymous and it feels good to keep it that way. I am writing there. Writing free verse poetry. Writing in a form that I always assumed to be foreign and not suited to me.

I’m finding that I was wrong. I’m finding that I can express myself in short bursts of words that often say more than an entire paragraph.

Some day, maybe sooner-maybe later, maybe not at all, I will link it to this home blog. For now I feel free to say whatever I want there, to express me and what is meandering through my brain and heart and body.

I’ve really missed simple writing. Writing from emotion. Expressing myself freely.

Right now the posts lean toward  heaviness, darkness, overload, confusion, unrest and it feels great to put all that down in print.



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