I’m too old to be facing this dilemma, right?

Put yourself in my place for a moment or two.

You are 54 years old-heading to round the corner on 55 in September.

Your children are grown, married, moving on, and with the exception of one and circumstances, all independent financially.

Your spouse and you are…complicated… and maybe unsure

You used to work full-time until your body halted your ability to function well at your job.

You have a granddaughter that you love and fortunately get to interact with almost daily.

You have time on your hands–lots of time on your hands.

You will be completing your college Bachelors degree in just a few weeks-this a goal/dream, not originally planned to amount to a career.

You have already (out of pocket) spent A LOT of money on above degree-justified by the fact that it was a bucket list item, you could have shopped for needless things with that money and it helped your tax return each year.

You really would like to go on with your education however that is ridiculous and not justified in any way as you don’t have plans to hit the job search road to apply what you just crammed into your head for 2+ years.

All that-(plus a lot that I have simply left out)- and now add to the mix this:

An email from your latest, and most respected professor, who you consider a friend, mentor, colleague and just all-around good person that mentions/suggests/advises that “you would make a great professor and I encourage you to go on with your education for as long as you can financially”

Comments are open-GO!



3 thoughts on “I’m too old to be facing this dilemma, right?”

  1. 🙂 How wonderful and exciting!

    I was going to encourage you to go on with your study anyway since it’s giving you pleasure – we never know what’s around the corner so when you said you had no plans to look for a job and couldn’t justify it…I was going to say you just don’t know what might come about because of it and LOOK what happened!!!

    go for it x


    1. I am just so torn. The practical side of me says that I must have a logical reason to do this while the “what the hell” side of me says go for it. I have no way of knowing, after all is said and done, that I could even find a position although I would love to teach.
      Thank you for your support and incentive. No doubt something will turn up here regarding news either way!


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