Embracing the creative side

I registered today for two classes–no, no, no–not for a Master’s degree path so calm down.

These two are just some community level, online courses focused on writing and art.

I used to be really artsy-craftsy until my arthritis stopped much of the hand work I loved to do. I’ve often thought about painting and that scares me as I don’t think I have any ability in that arena. I am much more of a fabric arts person and an events type person, whatever that may mean.

The art course is a beginners drawing class. I think that’s a bit safer than jumping into painting and will give me an idea if I can even manage to put an image on paper that vaguely resembles anything in reality.

I suppose abstraction is always a possibility…or maybe following in Pollock’s footsteps flinging paint on a canvas, but I think I’ll start small and work up. Anyway, the drawing class doesn’t start until June.

I also registered for a poetry class. Again nothing major, just simply covering the basics of poetry writing. I have never been one for formal measured stanzas, rhyme, meter and such. If I can write in an open style and convey meaning then I’m happy so I hope to get some pointers when this one begins in May.

I am coming to a decision on that little (large?) dilemma I mentioned in my last post and I will share before long.

Here’s to self-expression in whatever form…


3 thoughts on “Embracing the creative side”

  1. That’s fantastic! I know you’ve got a complicated relationship with poetry, so I’m particularly impressed that you’re putting yourself out there. The husband has been doing drawing classes this spring, and I’m jealous, but the fact is I’m a very lousy drawer and painter – I’m stuck with textile arts and dancing. I look forward to hearing about your new open-ended adventures in these new seas 🙂


  2. Glad you’re taking the plunge into poetry! (Or at least testing the waters, whichever the case may be.) Just be sure to give formal verse an honest shot; even if it’s not to your liking, there are still countless lessons to be learned there, and metre is just one of the tools in a poet’s toolbox; it’d be a shame to throw any away outright. 😉


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