My incredible, sneaky, wonderful kids

I’m typically the one in the family who plans surprises such as parties and events. My three kids turned the tables on me today however and I am so grateful for them and their thoughtfulness.

I was told not to plan anything for this afternoon about a week ago so of course I figured that they had something planned for Mother’s Day.

Mid afternoon found me being delivered to Hand & Stone Massage for an amazing 50 minute all over body massage. The kids had arranged this in advance and it was the best gift ever. I suppose I should have realized something was up because the gift card mentioned a congratulatory salutation regarding graduation. I however didn’t much care about anything after the massage so putting two and two together didn’t happen until my youngest drove into our driveway and I noticed the graduation sign and balloon out front.

They had all planned a combo Happy Graduation from college and Mother’s Day dinner for me after the massage! It was wonderful to see all of them together and have time to share with them. It really was a surprise too, as I had no idea that they would think to do something like this for me.

They made me feel incredibly special and incredibly loved.



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