On becoming a negative Nellie…

First however, the youngest graduated from college this weekend! Yay for her and all her fellow graduates with big aspirations and plans. We celebrated with Mexican food and margarita’s…really large margarita’s:


This is the graduate on the left with a frosty blended version and her older sister on the right with a straight up shaken version. Can you say fish bowls?

In other news, one of my just for fun and enlightenment classes began this week as well. I am entrenched in the Pleasures of Poetry and discovering that I don’t seem to have much brightness or cheeriness in my life. The prompts that we have been given so far only stimulate dark, depressing thoughts and lead to writing that is truly low.

If I didn’t know myself I would be crawling under a rock after reading some of what I have written. I’m not trying to insinuate that my life is all roses and rainbows, but these prompts do nothing to bring about any positive emotions or memories. Nor do they even help to trigger an imaginary feeling of happiness.

This led to an epiphany as well. Perhaps, if this is the general reaction I have to the creation of poetry, an explanation of why I find it such a chore may be forthcoming. Why in the world do I want to struggle to right in a genre that depresses even me. The alternative is that I may be channeling Sylvia Plath.

Just a few assignments in and I am also wondering if I take this same negative view in the rest of my writing. Truly, do I ever say anything in this blog that is positive, upbeat, peppy, smile-worthy, or is it all ho-hum, poor me-poor world, sad life related?

I’m fully aware that a blog can be just the place to complain, whine, and share black moods, but if that’s all I do then I need to take a serious look at why I am subjecting those who drop by to my crap.

Anyone a Saturday Night Live fan? Anyone remember Rachel Dratch.


I remember Rachel as the maligned (rightly so) Debbie Downer character on SNL from the early 2000’s. Rather ironic the name don’t you think. Seems to fit my personal situation at the moment.

Let’s work on some positivity. You know you need to when you’re bringing yourself down.



4 thoughts on “On becoming a negative Nellie…”

  1. I agree with BiT: I don’t think you’re exceedingly negative at all. Honest about difficult or disheartening things (like the tutoring gig from ages ago or arthritis problems), but also honest about delightful things (like your kids and your grandgirl G). I’d say give yourself permission to run with the dark poetic voice, something interesting might come of it. And if you want to balance it out, you can always consciously do some ‘gratitude’ writing around here 🙂


    1. And I appreciate this comment! I am grateful for a forum to whine and bitch in if needed, I simply fear that it is too easy to fall into the trap of only posting that sort of voice. Perhaps my need to express the dark side in my poetry is not conducive to an overall balanced writing profile in my case. Perhaps…I need an alias…hmmmm


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