Grandma words

I just have to share what this little person did today


It struck me as rather enlightened. Plus I haven’t shared much about this gorgeous girl in a long time.

Miss G has a set of reusable stickers. This includes a large book of scenes from around the home such as living room, bedroom, outdoor space, etc., and tons of plastic static cling type stickers that a child can make and re-make scenarios and adventures with over and over again.

Miss G is getting very good at pretend. We have tea parties, she carries on conversations over her play cellphone as well as with her dolls and today she was intrigued with this sticker set after a long time away from it. At the time that I was fixing her lunch she was about sending some of the people up and down the plastic sticker slide in the outdoor scene. From the kitchen I kept hearing “weeeeee, weeeee,” over and over again.

Shortly thereafter I noticed her sitting up on her rear on the floor after lying on her tummy, conversing, moving about as if she was getting in and out of a chair and then sitting down on her rear again. I quietly walked over to look at her and this little girl had found the plastic sticker representation of the living room couch and was purposefully sitting on it, on the floor, playing with some of the plastic sticker people as if she was happily spending the afternoon in their home.

She is 21 months old. Are they supposed to reason things through like this at this age? Needless to say, I did a double take when I realized that she was actually sitting on a pretend couch just as she would on her own real couch and the astounding part was that she very obviously knew what she was about.

At any given time we go from pretty amazing thinking and reasoning power to days such as this


Could there be anything better than being a kid again…or a very proud grandma.



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