A follow-up

You may remember my post from a few weeks ago where I discussed the surprise that awaited me along a portion of my yard in the form of a disappearing fence.

You may also remember, especially if you review the pictures associated with that post, that I had a work in progress garden area containing piles of dirt and garden matter waiting to be hauled away for yard waste.

The fence is complete and nicely juxtaposed against what remains of our old ramshackle  original:


The great piles are gone as well, and thanks to the hard work of my daughter what used to be an area filled with moss cover and ground plants in various stages of death is now an emergent zen like area of quiet.


I realize it looks rather sparse, and it is that, however getting water to this area is difficult as it must be carried in one can at a time and so we are going the minimalist route with just a few pops of color.

All of these pots contain perennials that will eventually make their way into some corner of the back garden but for now they provide a bit of visual enhancement.

By the way, that fence…the Young Couple has never approached us to aid with the financial aspects incurred in replacing the shared portion. I think we are keeping quiet, at least for now.


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