Media Monday: I am intrigued

This article came across my news feed yesterday. You may have seen it, read it, ignored it, commented on it yourself. I am intrigued and want to know more.

***U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs Chairman Senator Sanders leads a hearing on "The State of VA Health Care" on Capitol Hill in Washington

Why, you may ask?

I think this country needs change, needs new voices in leadership. I am not someone who favors our majority two party political system at the national level. I understand that candidates have the right to run on platforms other than our socially accepted and reinforced standard of Democrat or Republican. I, in fact, typically identify with the Democratic party, especially when pressed to choose. I do not have much that is good, or positive, or accepting to say of the Republican party so I simply won’t. As long as I have been of age to vote I have, in situations where I must choose either Democrat or Republican, chosen Democrat. In local elections, if given a choice, and as warranted, I have often voted outside both of those two parties.

I also hold immense issue with the way our two party system controls the ability for other voices to be heard, and have the opportunity to lead. I know of the arguments, and while I don’t debate that there are worse choices and worse systems of governance, I do take a negative stance on elected officials placing greater emphasis on their party line than governing and representing the people of America.

I have long suspected that I hold fairly strong socialist tendencies, yet I am not 100% on board necessarily with a complete adoption of socialist principles.

Reading of this possible new candidate, Bernie Sanders, is exciting, especially as I have had no previous knowledge of his political background or service. While I currently would back Hilary Clinton (if and when she decides to announce a candidacy) I want to hear of and continue to learn more about Senator Sanders, especially if he opts to run under a Democratic ticket, for we all know that he will never advance as an Independent.

***photo from Bourg


2 thoughts on “Media Monday: I am intrigued”

  1. I don’t love Clinton, she’s always felt like too much a politician, with too little attachment to ideals. And I don’t like the kind of legacy presidencies she carries on (leaving aside Obama, it’s been all Bushes and Clintons since 1988). Sanders has been on my radar for some time (I expect he gets more attention out here, closer to his home base) and he has always seemed like a fair and honest man with a real commitment to social justice. And I can imagine NO scenario in which a SOCIALIST #redscare #theterroristshavealreadywon #puppetofputin gets elected here. *sigh*

    I wish we had viable third (and fourth, and fifth…) parties too.


    1. Living in a binary social system I have the distinct impression that a good portion of America truly believes that only two parties are necessary. To question or desire different may be labelled as heresy…
      I think we must now delete this entire thread as there is no way of knowing who may be monitoring this discussion.


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