Media Monday: Assorted

This is not Media Monday as it was originally aired earlier this morning. Thanks to fellow blogger The Dancing Professor, who let me know that my links were all wonky and not linking as they should.

Quite honestly though, it has been a hell of a morning after posting that piece early on, and so I just took the links away, am skipping MM altogether, and will give a semi-update on the post from yesterday regarding the abandoned cat.

He was waiting on our deck this morning. and as has been the case almost every time I attempt to corner him, our local animal control is closed today. My brilliant alternative plan was to take him out to the county shelter.

Skipping the details of capture, because I feel really bad about it, he rode rather quietly out to the shelter, where I was told, graciously and apologetically, that they could not take him as I live within my own cities limits. I also live in the county that the shelter serves, but they are obliged to follow my city regulations and decline his presence at their shelter.

Can you imagine what I’m saying in my head as I hear that?

I honestly did not see, anywhere on the county website, or the city site for that matter, that this ridiculous rule was in place, and I’ve been on those sites a lot lately.

I thought if I stressed to the tech that my shelter was closed today, she might relent, but no. She did however get the people from my city shelter on the phone, allowed me to explain what I had attempted to do, and give my address so that the control officer could come to my home and get the cat.

So I drove 20 minutes back home and now sit here and wait, with the cat still in a box, for animal control to show up. I don’t know when that will be, and that is making this whole thing even worse.

I have to be honest here. When this whole thing started-when we first noticed the cat being skinny, and wandering, and sad-I secretly hoped that it would quietly disappear-meaning…well, you know. Of course I hoped that because it would have been the easy way out for me. I could have just pretended that it went off to some happy home and was living well as a cat should while ignoring all thoughts of reality.

I wish I could just be a cold-hearted bitch who sees a stray cat and scares it off with a broom. I want this all to be over, yet I have to sit and wait and try not to think and I hate it all.

UPDATE: 12:30

Mr. Tabby is now in the hands of animal control and I am going to completely delude myself that he is going to live well and prosper for years to come.


3 thoughts on “Media Monday: Assorted”

  1. This makes me sad for the kitty, but happy to know that his time of suffering will now be over! He is lucky to have someone like you looking out for him after it’s obviously pretty clear his previous humans have failed him. Sleep well, kitty!!


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