Life askew

It was a long day today, and I feel worn out. I didn’t sleep well last night. I went to sleep thinking about events of the day and woke up still consumed by those same events.

It was one of those days when everything just seems slightly off. You can’t put your finger on it exactly, but it’s almost as if every thought, every action, every word, is just one or two steps behind. Everything lags a bit, and that seems to cause a domino effect of off-kilter, irritating little tornadoes of chaos when you least expect them.

I think a great word to describe me today was blah. Dull, lifeless, not involved, unbalanced – blah. I just moved because I had to. I did what I needed to do, but almost every action produced some type of unexpected result.

Even the weather has taken a turn. We are to expect wind and mighty, lashing rain over the next 36 hours. How fitting to my mood and thoughts right now. Even my sinuses are announcing that change is all around, that the structural dynamic of the universe is off somehow. My face is telling me that a storm, both internal and external is ratcheting up and going to turn into a gale before settling down.

It’s time for a cup of tea, a warm blanket, and then off to bed.



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