Blogging: being read, being seen, being liked

Four years ago, I began blogging on another site with the grandiose idea that I was going to keep a virtual journal for my children. I was convinced that I was going to write my life story, putting the link to the blog into a note or letter or even my will, so that after my death my children would find it and have the opportunity to read all about me, the uncensored, raw version.

I discovered a few things after starting that project.

*Writing about yourself, from birth on, is hard. It’s hard mostly because I don’t remember things, probably important things, that I think they should know.

*I began to feel that my life was maudlin, and I don’t want to be telling an overly sentimental tale. Something positive must have happened somewhere-but those aren’t the memories that were coming back.

*Likewise I refuse to create fairy tales to sugar-coat what my life was, or has become.

*I got bored.

Then I started playing around with a format similar to Post-A-Day. That was fun, but life and being busy interfered. So at some point things morphed into this WordPress blog. I can’t go without writing for long, as the title of this blog suggests. It is a part of me even when I try to deny it. I have a lot more free time now that academic writing is behind me, and thus things like Media Monday, and Feminist Friday, were born. I have never sought to have the distinction of being the Most Followed Blogger. I am pretty pleased with the core group of followers I have, and truly enjoy the ongoing commentary with those of you who reply often. I’ve made friends, albeit virtual friends, from writing this blog.

Recently though, I’ve been trying new things, leaving my comfort zone and predictable style and process, and thinking that branching out might be fun or even bring in some new readers. There’s been a few hints and tips from WordPress lately that I’ve incorporated, such as adding some new pages. I also created the blog specific page to add to my personal Facebook site. Since doing that, I also made the decision to promote the page for a few days to increase readership. In two days I have had an overwhelming response.

That fact is exciting to say the least. There’s a reason people have been reading the posts and “liking” the page. I hope that means that I’m doing something right with this blog. Earlier today, when I went over 100 Likes, I sat down and made a tally of just who had been clicking the Like tab. I promised all those Facebook users that I would post the results.

The two top states clicking on my Like tab are:

Texas and Californiacongratulations!

Next comes a group of states with similar, but just slightly less usage:

Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, 

Finally, all of the rest of these states have folks who have been gracious enough to stop by and like the page:

Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin.

That means that 27 states are represented by at least one person stopping to read my page and my blog. Most of those have multiples. About eight individuals aren’t represented as they just don’t have a solid listing for their location, but I think its pretty darn great that people in over half of the United States have connected with I am, therefore I write. Once again, to all of you who have “liked” the Facebook version of this blog,

Thank you. I am honored.


Love to hear from you!

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