How about a TBT post

I’ve decided to revisit a short little post for TBT that, over the last four years, has gotten a surprising number of views which I attribute to the title, not the content.  The ironic thing about this post from June 2010 is that it was actually a transfer post from my original Blogspot blog started well before 2010. The post is simplistic and I feel confident in saying, not my best work.

Currently my dilemma is the decision to either just post the piece and leave it up to you to make of it what you will, or to attempt, based on my current views and convictions, to perhaps perform some sort of moralistic justification for the post. I did, at the time of writing the post, give a cryptic nod to the fact that what I did at fourteen in 1975 would not be what I would advocate, or personally do if I was fourteen today. I simply feel rather hypocritical though, because there I was, with my BFF at the time, no longer the geeky, awkward, oddly proportioned girl that I had been throughout elementary and junior high school.

I had blossomed, as they say, although who exactly says that is a mystery to me. My braces were off, my body was taking on the image portrayed in all those health class textbooks, you know what I mean, the body that a fourteen, almost fifteen year old girl is supposed to have by social standards, and my confidence level was climbing. What I wanted more than anything, at that point in my life, was to be noticed by people with penises. I had no intention of doing anything with those people, or those penises at that time, I just wanted to be noticed as finally being something more than the odd, unattractive, nerdy Debbie. The hypocritical part, if you haven’t guessed, lies in the fact that, after describing that summer vacation in the original post, I should have gone off on a feminist tangent regarding a behavior that was clearly driven by social pressure to be the acceptable and socially normative feminine. I should have written in large, bold letters something like:

Even though I just shared this outlandish memory with you, please know that I am a feminist and I do not condone this display of gendered behavior, even though it was 1975 and being “hot’ was probably the greatest thing that I could be at the time.

In other words, I should have owned my feminism four years ago, but just as the word atheist took a disjointed route out of my person, so did the word feminist. I knew what I was, but I didn’t know why really, or how to bring voice to that person.

One of the great things that I have learned as a feminist is that we bring to, and draw from, all the experiences we have lived prior to taking up a feminist flag. Everything shapes us, and that’s obviously true for everyone, not just feminists so please don’t get pissed that I’m making an observation specific to one group and leaving others out. I think personal experience can easily be generalized as important to everyone and their evolution in the social process of gendered relations.

So now that I have taken the time to explain myself after all, here is my TBT post, along with a picture not included in the original posting.

1975, Hot Babes, and an RV Road Trip

Without question my favorite summer memory has to be a road trip taken with my family and best friend at the time, Karen. This trip was between freshman and sophomore year of high school.

My parents rented a motor home and we set out on an odyssey across Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I had no siblings my age and Karen and I had struck up a friendship during junior high school. In a way, this was a last hurrah of sorts: she and I would be going to different high schools in the fall.

I remember very little about the sites that passed by out our coach windows. What I do remember is two boy crazy girls in short cut off jeans and halter tops who thought they were probably the cutest things to cross the border of any of those states in over one hundred years. I mean, we thought we were HOT. And these ideas were reinforced in scenes such as this:

After parking and setting up “camp” in an RV park in one of those states mentioned earlier Karen and I decided we would venture down the highway to have pizza at a local restaurant. Our hotness was totally reinforced as we received numerous…well maybe two…very defined and nicely drawn out honks from passing cars filled with local teen guys.

Our other favorite pastime involved bikinis and the back window of the RV. Use your imagination on that one.

I am now almost 51 years old and have a much different perspective on these events. But hey, it was 1975, we were young, we were hot and this was the best summer I have ever had!




One thought on “How about a TBT post”

  1. I love how it’s not only our memories that shift over time, but the stories that we tell (ourselves and others) about those memories. Always fascinating to revisit, especially the biggest memories. Like a first summer of hotness…

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