Blog sharing #1

I follow about 30 blogs on a regular basis. I follow feminist blogs, photography blogs, cooking blogs, and multi-level blogs in which writers much like myself blog about the varied aspects of their lives. Some of these writers post every single day. I still haven’t been able to achieve that much regularity and probably never will. Some of the writers post very randomly, but they usually provide an interesting or even controversial topic when they do post.

I have followed about 5 or 6 blogs since starting my own blog(s)* on WordPress. These blogs are by far the ones I feel the most connected to, the ones that I try never to miss, and the ones that I feel at ease commenting with. I have also, gradually, added in new blogs, and even replaced a few that were follows, but then just didn’t seem to be a good fit for one reason or another. Let’s be honest. We probably have all given a few pity follows in our time. I have. Those are the bloggers who stop by, like a post, and then click on follow as well. Sometimes those clicks work, and following becomes a welcome activity. Sometimes you find that what you thought was going to be a match made in heaven really isn’t. I never feel guilty about un-following a newly found blog. I think that it can take a few reads to really get to know and decide if a new blog is the right fit, and if it isn’t then it’s okay to send that site back out for others to discover.

The blogs that I have followed seem to be the best sources for checking into, and establishing a relationship with new bloggers. Those originals are my small circle of tried and true sites where it is easy to begin to see the same names commenting over and over in reciprocal fashion.  As you notice the same names over and over again, commenting on the blogs that you like, it’s easy to think, hey, that blogger may have a site I’d like as well, and voila-another blog to add to the list.

I sometimes share posts from other bloggers, or set links to something in one of their posts that I find interesting or important to mention. I don’t think that I’ve ever really shared with the writers that I follow why I follow their blogs. I may not necessarily remember what brought me to a blog in the first place, but I probably have a pretty good idea about why I returned, time and again, and why I stay. I think that it’s important to let people know what it is about their writing and their blog that has given me a reason to click follow and continue to bring them into my world. This post will then be the first to highlight one of the blogs I follow, and I hope, if you are unfamiliar, that you will consider making it a blog that you follow as well.

One of the very first, maybe actually the first blog that I chose to follow is The Nature of Things. The author, Sue introduces herself in this way:

Sixty-something. Mother of 3, Grandmother of 4. I like gardening, photography, writing, reading and life in general. I’m also into genealogy and scrapbooking. I was born in London and moved to the USA in 1973. I still miss home but will probably never go back. Past interests include dancing, theater, fencing, painting and floral arranging.

I don’t remember if I found Sue or she found me, but I do know that her photos are what caught me and what keep me coming back to her blog. Her pictures, usually of nature, animals, or often landscapes amid scenic areas and architecture, always make me smile. I am no photographer, but I know what I like and Sue has a way of framing her images that makes me feel as if I am standing right in front of the garden bed or flower that she is presenting. She chooses the most vivid flowers that she can find and the colors pop off my computer screen. I love looking at her photos of the garden when it is dreary, and cold, and rainy because I can image spring and summer and sun from her images.

This post is an example of what I’m talking about, and here is just one of her photos-you can visit the blog for more.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Sue also posts and writes at Incidentally, where she highlights a lot of her travel adventures and photos…and…also at Getting the Picture, where you can find her take on many of the photo challenges issued by other WordPress photographers and bloggers.

Three blogs…this lady is amazing, as are her pictures.

I so enjoy visiting a blog that is truly devoted to beauty, nature, wanderlust, and an expert eye for the unusual and the common-Thanks Sue, I treasure each post and the many, many times you have brought cheer to me and a smile to my face.

*I have started and stopped many blogs here at WordPress. The longest running blog, besides this one, was The Perpetual Student, my outlet for whining and bitching during college. There have been others, some lasting a day, a week, a few months. Today, IATIW is my only blog.


7 thoughts on “Blog sharing #1”

    1. Sue, if you keep posting photos you don’t have to worry about my interest waning…In fact it is so dreary here today that I need to resurrect your tulip post and bask in the loveliness to remind me that spring will return 🙂

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