A not-so-comprehensive list of activity taking place in my world; or, I bet you wonder what’s been up with me

1. Our senile cat.

It’s hard to stay positive about her advancing age when it seems as if the yowling begins earlier each morning. This situation is not helped by #2 in this list either. Once she begins, I find it impossible to go back to sleep, even when she lies quietly on the heater vent in our bedroom. It is at that time that I think she realizes she can’t push her humans too far, but the passivity doesn’t last for long. My only way of counteracting this 4 AM rise time–going to bed at 8 PM. I feel as if I am doing odd, shift work and it’s taking a toll on both my activity level and my stress level. I had no patience for Miss G yesterday during her toddler rants until I reminded myself that she is growing smarter and better able to comprehend words and rules, unlike the cat who is…well…a cat.

2. The husband arrived home from work on Thursday night and began talking. You have to live in our home to understand just how unusual that action is, but we’ll bypass that discussion for now. The short conversation went something like this, and his speech was really more one long sentence with a few breaths here and there, but I added periods just for clarity.

“Starting tomorrow we’re going to 4-10’s, with Monday’s off. I’m going to get up at 4 now (rather than 4:30) and take the 5 o’clock train then leave up there around 4:30 so I won’t get home until a little later. And no more weekends since they don’t give us overtime anymore…”

“Who decided on 4-10’s…”

“We did” (WE ?)

“You don’t have to be on call either…”

“They hired some girl to do weekends so none of us are doing it anymore.”

“Oh, okay…”

“And there’s scheduler position in Fredrickson open, except it’s a level 1 so I might be over-qualified, but it’s regular days so I’m gonna apply for it and see…”

The end.

So I completely understand that none of you understand our life and I also can completely understand just how odd that little excerpt seems, but I ask you to just roll with it for now and overlook the entire absurdity that I am only beginning to share. I think however, by noting the times mentioned, that you can see how this impacts the cat issue in the morning.

3. The grad student to be daughter received some great advise from one of her former geology professors after she approached him about writing a reference letter for her (which he gladly will do). She shared the four current universities she has picked for applications and he was very honest about her chances at each. He also provided her with a few more ‘mid-level’ universities that he feels would suit her. He wrote things like, ‘get out of your PNW comfort zone’ and ‘Boulder won’t even look at you simply because not enough math/chemistry,’ then went on to suggest Ball State, U of Montana, and U of Wyoming. Yesterday morning was the first time that I’ve seen her smile since taking the GRE a few weeks ago.

4. Even after the loss of 30 lbs, and a resurrection of better eating habits, and being mindful of activity that aggravates my arthritis so as to avoid that activity, the focus now seems to be centered on my right ankle. It’s sort of impressive how this disease can manage to worm its way into one joint after another, and how repetitive motions just exacerbate the issues. I take care of Miss G at her home, which has stairs. The bending and stride involved in navigating those stairs after three days of up and down is bringing greater stiffness and discomfort. I have some early warning signs that the knees may be next in line. Miss G is pretty good at navigating the stairs without holding a hand anymore, but sometimes if she seems to be distracted or chatty, I make her go the stairs on her bottom–you know, that sit and slide and bump sort of descent that unsteady toddlers do.

I fear before too long that is how I will be descending the stairs on a regular basis.

5. In about two weeks I get to have two fillings done on two teeth. I don’t have decay. I have simply brushed the tooth structure away over time and a lovely notch has formed at the gumline. Not to get all technical on you, but when the gums recede root structure is exposed and that structure is not covered by enamel so it is very soft. If you brush with a heavy hand, as I admit that I do, you can brush the substance of the root away. Resulting issues include tooth sensitivity, tooth weakness, gum issues, and if untreated, even tooth death and need for removal.

As Dr. K was concisely explaining all this to me, (because they always forget that I was a dental assistant for 20 years) I had these images of many of my older patients jumping around in my head. All really nice, really lovely people with well-used, aging mouths and teeth. I also had the realization that I was now one of them.

That’s enough for now. I’ve been up already for 2 1/2 hours-it’s 6:30 AM and I think that it’s time for breakfast and coffee. I also need to stretch my ankle, brush more notches into my teeth, clean up the cat dish before she begins yowling for more, and make a pumpkin pie for both myself and for the grad student to be as a treat during her weekend marathon application process. I think the husband has said enough for now, so I suspect all will remain quiet there. That readers, wraps up the last few days in my world.

How has yours been going?

I almost forgot…actually I did forget but came back to edit this post. This image was posted by my RN daughter yesterday:


It was Ebola training day at her clinic. Needless to say that this image was slightly disturbing when it popped up on Facebook.



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