Blog sharing #2

Today I wanted to highlight another of the blogs that belong to my original follow list. There’s no particular order to these blog shares, except that I’m focusing now on the ones that have been with me the longest.

As with the featured blog from Blog Sharing #1, I don’t really remember what led me to Annie, and again, I don’t really know who found who in this relationship. I just know that bodhisattvaintraining is one of the blogs that has become a personal part of my morning. I start my day with all of you, my fellow bloggers, even before breakfast…even before coffee! I bet you all had no idea that you were that important did you?

I read my blogs first thing because I’m usually surrounded by quiet. Save for the cat, no one else is up this early and it’s the one time during the day when I am both awake enough to appreciate what I read, and when I have nothing else distracting me from spending time with you. I feed the senile old lady, grab my Chromebook and open WordPress to see what’s taken place in the worlds that all of you inhabit. Some mornings are jam-packed with new posts, some are more sparse. No matter how many new posts and/or comments await, this is my time.

Annie, aka: Bodhi, is a writer, a poet, a mother, a daughter, a traveler, a photographer, a seeker, and a woman who shares her personal contemplation about life through her blog. She resides in Australia, yet has familial roots in Ireland. Bodhi participates in many of the writing and photography challenges that make up so much of WordPress. Through her simple, yet so eloquent posts, and her often stark yet amazing photos, Bodhi allows us to glimpse what I believe may be hidden from many who are a part of her everyday life. I think that perhaps one of the reasons that I have stuck with her blog for so long is that she…hesitates…she doesn’t reveal or tell all in one long-winded moment of blogging. Bodhi uses pictures, short pieces of poetry, captions that lurk in a writing challenge, simple bits and pieces of everyday, to open the door to her world inch by inch. She teases, and you have to pay attention if you really want to get to know her. She is artfully taking her readers on the same journey of enlightenment, through the very process in fact, that characterizes the title of her blog.

One day she may be sharing about emotional and physical upheaval, or heartbreaking loss, and Bodhi has had her share since I’ve been with her. The next you open your computer and something like this clever guy greets you:

She lives in a city, but escapes to the sandy beaches for calm and healing. She writes of her past as she consistently moves onward into the future. Bodhi, like all of the rest of us, can’t predict what will come next, but she steadfastly meets each new challenge and graciously gives readers like myself the opportunity to walk along with her on her journey.

I am truly glad to be allowed to tag along.




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