The need to purge

My decorating style has gone through many incarnations since buying our first home in 1983, then moving to our second and current home in 1992.

We went from 100% hand-me-down furniture in the first place, to 80% new furnishings when we arrived at the new place, and now find ourselves in this ongoing dance between odds and ends, eclectic bits and pieces and zero direction or real style. I used the term ‘we’ in that sentence, but decorating is my endeavor, and mine alone.
I don’t have a ‘style’ anymore. I have furniture that makes my husband comfortable, furniture that the cat, who now must literally climb upon using her claws, can navigate, furniture that is many differing shades of a central brown theme, furniture that cost money and furniture that didn’t, furniture that serves a purpose…for now, and furniture that sits and collects dust and nothing more.

I also have a house and yard that will be, and really is even now, much to big. I have a house that needs a refresh just to sell it for a good price. I have a house that needs a redo if, by some crazy decision, it remains our home when the final daughter embarks on life.

Come spring of 2015, which we all know is just around the corner, the daughter should know what is in store for, her rather that be grad school, or a desperate search for a ‘real’ job as accumulated student loans loom. Her preference is obvious-more school and lots of long deferment on those loans. When she knows her path then I will know mine. Some real decisions can then be made about the future of this home, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t help things along even now.

Two very large and relatively useless pieces of furniture will be moving on to a new home in a few days.

My husband’s brother and wife will be taking a TV armoire and our not so formal dining table.

IMG_20141110_060547607 IMG_20141110_060536771

They are great pieces, if you like the sort of country, sort of 1980’s style that’s still so popular(?) today…because come on, doesn’t everyone. They really are in great shape though. The kids never beat holes into the armoire with toys, or gauged out their names with dinner knives on the table top or chairs. Both pieces are absolutely functional, but not what I want/need and are/will be to big for my new home…whatever/wherever that may be.

But Deb, you ask, where in the world will you eat?

Well reader, since we never entertain, since everyone literally feels the need to gravitate to the family room couch, even on holidays when I do attempt to set the table, we will eat as we always do-here and there and wherever an open spot happens to be. We are very informal here and as the table has long been more about the display of food, or as a base for jigsaw puzzles, I don’t think that we’ll be missing out on much.

If we get desperate, a few sets of these might come in handy



2 thoughts on “The need to purge”

    1. Nothing for now Miss Christine 🙂
      I am going to move Jerry and his computer out of the bedroom though and most likely stick him in the empty dining room area.


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