Consider me randomly curious

I’ve discovered a few things.

A lot of you read your favorite blogs in the morning, most likely with your coffee if you have the luxury of staying home to linger. A lot of you also read those blogs and write new posts between the hours of 9 and 12 Pacific time. My email alerts are incredibly active during the morning around here and most of the time I am being alerted to new posts/comments. In fact, those of you who fall into that category have conditioned my granddaughter very well. When I’m with her during the week, and the alert is ringing and dinging she is always quick to stop her play and tell me, “Answer phone.” Obviously we aren’t at the age to distinguish phone calls from email alerts, but soon I think…

If I’m out running errands I hear the familiar ding as well, and this morning was no exception.

All those alerts got me to thinking about all of you, which in turn then made me ask myself, I wonder what it would be like to actually meet some of these people…

Have you ever thought about the same thing? Some of us remain fairly anonymous as bloggers, while others of us post pictures of ourselves, and really don’t censor too much about our locations and such. My core group of followed blogs/bloggers are all of a friendly sort. They like both mine and others posts regularly, they comment often, and nicely I may add, and I don’t think that I have ever had a nasty or offensive reply to something that I’ve written about. That’s not to say that you all agree with everything I post, it’s just to note that you are all way too nice and considerate as bloggers to post hate as commentary. Thanks for that by the way.

Have you ever considered though, what we might be like in person? No one panic. I have no intention of turning into a creepy, blogger stalker. I will not turn up on your front steps, or be peering into your windows, or inviting myself for the holiday’s (or longer), or doing anything remotely weird other than in written form under the guise of IATIW. Even if I wanted to, had the money to, or the time to get to any of you, I don’t fly. As many of you are pretty far east of me, or on another chunk of land separated by ocean, I think that you’re relatively safe.

However, consider what some of your blogging pals might be like if you had the opportunity, or misfortune I suppose, to run into them.

Personally, I believe that I write this blog the way that I speak for the most part. I am long-winded, and I ramble. I want to make sure that those who are physically present and listening to me speak hear the whole story. I add stuff in. I jump around. Words tumble about. I often use ‘big’ words when I speak, and sometimes those show up in my writing as well. I try, thanks in part to higher education beating into my head the need to be succinct, to tame some of my rambling when I write. That is a work in progress though.

But, because I am me, and not you the reader, I must wonder if, after we met and spoke and said our so-longs to each other, would you turn and say quietly to yourself, “Well, she’s nothing like I thought she would be from her blog posts. Geez, you just never know do you…”

I have this idea in my head that you would all be just the way you present yourself to me here. Perhaps I have just chosen the most outstanding bloggers to follow–those who are honest in their writing and not at all pretentious about who they are. Down to earth is the term I believe. You are who you are and that comes through in your blogs.

I think that I would enjoy meeting all of you that interact with me on a regular basis. Some of you that follow, but are not the engaged sort, or who rarely comment, belong to that mysterious group that I know are roaming the world of blogging for their own reasons and probably like it that way. You are the intriguing group, the ones that can’t be pinned down or assumed to be any one way or another. You are like my Acquaintance list on Facebook and most likely would feel more at home keeping your distance anyway.

So, if I came upon you maneuvering along your city’s street, or ambling down your country lane, or walking around your favorite vacation locale, or even unexpectedly at your front door, who would I meet, and would I walk away saying, I knew it all along…just the way I thought they would be.




Love to hear from you!

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