Loose ends. Time to tie them up

Wednesday is normally a ‘work’ day for me with Miss G, but her grandma Nina from San Diego is here for the holiday and so I have a few days off. Miss G and I talked a lot about grandma Nina yesterday and every time I mentioned that after her nap she and daddy would be going to the airport to get grandma she lit up with excitement believing that she was “going on airplane, see grandma Nina!” I hope she wasn’t too disappointed when she didn’t get to board the plane and fly off to sunny California and grandmas pool.

With all the freedom over the next few days I think that it’s a great opportunity to tie up things around the house prior to hosting Thanksgiving dinner next week. Our family doesn’t go to great preparations for the holidays so it really is mostly just a family dinner with a few more dishes than usual. We have the turkey for the meat eaters, I have the side dishes planned that take into account the gluten and dairy free in the group, desserts are coming with various children, the youngest daughter will (at last notice) be making bread (sorry gluten folk) and the son is whipping up a batch of Afrolua (a homemade Kahlua made with coffee beans from Africa) for after dinner coffee.

The youngest and I are also going to venture to the new Total Wine & More to see what they have to offer in the way of cider, the hard kind. She mentioned that they have a pear cider that is rather good.

The husband has an odd, mid-week day off and I am hoping to get him to go out to get his new computer chair taken care of. As he is the one whose butt is glued to it I think that it’s only fair that he picks out the one he wants.

The desk has arrived and needs some construction. I went with a not so expensive, not ‘real’ version, meaning one that is not all solid hardwood and already in one piece. Because I cannot seem to convince the husband that he really could do away with his tower CPU and his large screened monitor and update to the 21st century with a sleek laptop version while also foregoing about a bazillion cords, the desk becomes mostly a dust catcher and crap hangout. I think I mentioned the overbearing burden of stuff that seems to lurk on the old desk and this new version has plentiful amounts of drawers for cramming the stuff into so I think it will work fine for our needs, for now.

Once all that is up and working and the computer is moved I can see whats left of the long neglected space in the bedroom where the old desk has sat for years. The rug, which has needed replacing for eons, but which remains old and faded and worn because of the senile cat lady who likes to hack up hairballs and morning food on a regular basis all around our bed, will get a vacuum and maybe a slight scrub. I have to be careful though. I think at this point, if I work too hard to make it presentable the rug may just turn to tatters. I also had a funny thought when the cat woke me at 4 AM. With the computer out and the chair gone, I wonder where my husband will now throw his ‘waiting to be ironed clothing.’ He has always done his own laundry and ironing and we have always had some sort of chair in one corner or the other of the bedroom to throw clothing on. Once we say adios to the old chair…well I suppose it will hit him soon that he may actually have to hang his waiting laundry on a hanger and stow it away in the closet in a new ‘waiting to be ironed’ area because, at the moment, we have no extra furnishings lying around to take up the cause of cloths rack so…hmmmm.

There are all those other normal household chores or purposefully forgotten tasks that need doing as well and now I really have no reason not to do them unfortunately.

It’s a week away yet, but for those of you who celebrate/observe/recognize the day we call Thanksgiving in America, are you ready. Are you the type who plans and plans or the spontaneous individual who never quite knows who or what or where from year to year?

Do you have any great recipes you would like to share?

I am actually considering doing roasted Brussel sprouts this year just because, with garlic-yum.

I actually would love to hear about your plans. I often wonder just how ‘off’ our family holidays really are, from the normal, socially accepted version, so I am totally curious what all of you do, if you do anything or not.

And remember, the side dishes are the star so consider pardoning a turkey perhaps


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