We’ve watched feet of snow accumulate in the mountains, the rains come down in buckets, the rivers rise and flood, the sun emerge and the temps shoot up to 55 degrees all within just a few days. The forecast is telling us that we will get more rain and wind and storms tomorrow so I am doing food prep today.

Miss G has been with me, ‘helping’ like a great two-year-old. We even had the opportunity to get outside and take a walk. That’s a habit that we started when she was small, but it’s one that’s difficult to keep up with when the weather is really crappy. I tried for a few pictures, but she politely asked me, “Please don’t” so I didn’t.

She’s in grandma’s big bed supposedly taking a nap, even though she was awake still the last time I checked. I’m one of those grandmas that would require she lay and rest, even if she doesn’t sleep, although I think she will.

I’m still finding my writing mojo to be out of kilter. Does anyone want to become a muse? I so lack inspiration right now, but I figure that time will correct this…I hope. Even this post feels forced, and probably reads that way as well. Dull, lifeless and not really worth the effort, but I am making the effort anyway.

It feels odd to say that I lack inspiration with so much going on across the nation and world right now. There’s any number of things that I could focus on to write about, but I think I’m simply tired of that fact that so much is bad, so much is hate, so much is focused on what isn’t right, or fair, or good. It’s not that I don’t have opinions about how f**ked up our society is, I mostly just don’t want to write more about what’s already been said, or opine on the laments of those who want change. It’s all so frustrating, and my voice isn’t going to add anything. So I read my followed blogs, and take in what others are saying, and agree or disagree as the case may be, but I need to remain silent for my own sanity.

The little one is asleep. It’s been a good day here, in our small world, and I’m thankful for that.

PS: Feminist Friday is scheduled for an appearance in 2 days, but I tend to think that I will skip it for this week, perhaps Media Monday as well next week. We’ll see what the days bring.


6 thoughts on “Thankfully…”

  1. I’ve heard the expression “blog police” mentioned around – as in there ARE no blog police – and I sometimes remind myself of that when thinking I *should* do this or that. So this by way of saying if you’re not feeling inspired just now, I think the blog police will give you a pass!

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  2. It sounds like a lovely quiet day. And we’re entitled to – and sometimes very much in need of – such reflective periods. Nothing wrong with withdrawing from the din of the world for a bit. Happy Thanksgiving – I hope you had a happy peaceful day with your family ❤


  3. I think your question strikes at the heart of why I feel stuck in a rut right now and can’t seem to manage much of anything.
    I never wanted to make this a specific blog, a focused blog dedicated to one topic because I really don’t like writing about the same thing all the time and that still holds true. I tried that as a student but never made a point of pushing a sociology related blog very much-the audience just wasn’t that specific as I found more blogs fell under basic social commentary rather than discipline specific.
    Anyway, I have spent time wandering through the halls of WordPress to see what’s out there, what topics seem to be popular, etc. I saw many that incorporated site specific ‘days’ such as my Media Monday or Feminist Friday formats, or even forms of my Blogshare series actually. Those were simple changes that have helped to open the blog up to others who search out a focused site rather than my usual random posts. Those days also set up a schedule for me to follow and a goal as well to focus on. There are days though that I throw in a general post just because I have something to share.
    Does any of this work? I have no idea. My stats tell me I have 170+ followers, but only a handful of those ever comment on a regular basis. Do I want more followers-not if it means that they are just some random number. I like the interaction and I want the engagement, not just folks who click follow because…why? I mean, what does one do with 3500+ followers anyway? I do think that it’s important to post on a regular basis though and depending on content that might be everyday or on a broader schedule. Example: writing about feminist issues everyday would depress me to no end. It was hard to do it every week, thus the bi-weekly change. The blogshare posts seem to be going well, and I personally have found many new blogs that I like in this way so I think it’s a great way to introduce readers to new voices, plus thank your favorite blogs for what they present.
    I’ve looked for patterns over the years, trying to determine who was drawn to a post and why in the hopes that I might find some direction…again why? This blog started as ‘random musings’ and that’s what it shall remain because I’m free to ramble on and allow folks to stop by as they choose or not. Also I hated stats and I will not resort to a large scale study of my numbers just to confirm that I have no specific point to my writing 🙂
    Would I love a blog where I bill myself as a Writer, post everyday with amazing poetry and prose, publish and call myself a real Author, plus have a gazillion followers? Honestly that’s too much pressure to be perfect.
    I know that I have things to say, I just don’t know what those things are and I also don’t know how to focus enough to bring those things out. If or when I find my real voice and purpose this blog will most likely change again. Until then I ramble and listen to my own words. I am my biggest fan…

    PS: I truly think you do have to ask yourself what your purpose is in writing for this public forum. If you have a specific goal then you approach this forum as one would a job or assignment…you write with purpose each day to achieve the goal. Most who do this also heavily promote themselves on Facebook, Twitter and other SM sites.


  4. Since you brought up inspiration, might I ask how you decide what to blog, when to blog, etc? Have been thinking about these questions, now that I’ve got about 7 solid months under my belt: what works for me, what doesn’t, what can I make work better. Would be interested in how that all decision-making plays out for you?


    1. Well look at that, I can’t even manage to post a reply in the “reply to you” area. I go and create an entire new comment…are you sure you should be asking me how I manage my blog…:)


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