cast on, (k1) (k1) (k1)…(p)?

Part 1

Is anyone reading this a knitter?

I picked up some needles and yarn yesterday for the first time in about 40 years.

Knitting was a hand-craft that I only dabbled in as a teen and early 20-something. Mostly until I began having children, then I had no time or the patience to simply sit and create. Besides I was always more of an embroidery, needlepoint, cross-stitch person. I think that I may have knitted a few scarves, one that I honestly remember, and it was plain knitting with an added fringe. No purling. No other creative stitches. Plain old row upon row of (k), (k), (k).

I think that I’ve mentioned before that during the return to college phase I was in a Humanities program and so reconnected with art through a series of art history classes. Great fun and Professor S will go down as one of my favorites. Then, thanks to a rather impressive GPA I was invited to participate in an Honor’s program of independent study, and self-design a project/research/paper with a mentor. As I was so enamored with art at the time, and this was well before my move into sociology and women’s studies, I chose something art related.

Thus the ancestral research into Danish Hardanger.

image from associated link
image from associated link

It was quite an enjoyable project, doing all the research into my heritage, plus I added in a physical sampler of many of the stitches I was researching. Unfortunately this was the catalyst behind the sad realization that my arthritic hands weren’t up to handicrafts anymore. So the needles, and threads, and cloth were given away and all those planned projects that I was finally going to find time for were put aside.

Daughter Alison, who has such a wide and expanding interest in so many areas, is a bit of an Anglophile. She also enjoys tea quite a bit. A few years ago she found a do-it-for-yourself tea cosy (note the British spelling) kit. However, she doesn’t knit. Her mother assured her that knitting was easy and she could pick up the steps without any problem. This message from the woman who never made it past (k), (k), (k).

She got some practice yarn and gave it a valiant try. The cosy yarn has remained sadly alone in its box. The needles have never made their intended clickety-click rhythm.

In an offhand comment it was suggested that maybe I could give the process a go. Hmm, I thought. Could I? My hands have been better for quite a while now. Last night the box was located, the practice yarn and needles were pulled out of their hiding place and I decided to set to work. There are no expectations. The hands and fingers will direct this process for as long as they behave.


Love to hear from you!

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