Knittin’ and purlin’ or; the tea cosy continued

For the last few days now I’ve meant to take a photo of my tea cosy handiwork. As of this morning, may I sincerely say thank god that I didn’t follow through with that plan. You folks would have laughed until you peed your pants. I’m not kidding. Even if you don’t knit, it was just short of impossible not to realize that I was way off the mark with my first two attempts at this project.

Yes, I did say ‘first two attempts.”

Currently we are on try number three, and you know what they say about three being a charming number…

I spent some time online with a video doing a refresher on the purl stitch. Actually, truth be told, the video introduced me to the correct way to do a purl stitch. I truly have no idea what sort of stitch I was doing prior, but it was not a purl. The first two sections of the pattern are relatively straightforward. They are just two different combinations of knit and purl.

I thought that I was creating this rather fanciful scalloped sort of edge that distinguishes the top of the cosy. At least that’s what I kept telling myself as the scallops grew larger and my knitting needles overflowed with yarn. The odd thing though was that the first thirty-six stitches actually looked like I was on the right track. It was the damn final thirty-six stitches that screamed out at me, Good god Debbie! Can’t you see how wrong this all is? Rip it out and start over.”

Which I did.


It wasn’t until this morning that I finally realized where I’d gone wrong. So let me share some of my new knitting knowledge with you. When you work a knit stitch, the working yarn sits behind your rows of already completed knitting and is wrapped from behind. When you purl, that working yarn must be wrapped from the front side of those same rows. This means that each time you are asked to switch from knit to purl, or vice versa, you have to move the yarn.

I thought I understood this, and had been diligently moving my working yarn each time…from below the completed rows.

I was supposed to be moving the yarn from above, sliding it back and forth between the knitting needle tips.

What I have already redone in just two new rows is far from what I was turning out over the last few days. I now have something that is beginning to look like a finished edge. A straight finished edge rather than odd scallops.

I may finally be on the right track.

This photo was taken with my phone and the white yarn is so bright in the picture it obscures some of the detail, but I’m also not embarrassed to put this photo on the blog.


My stitch tension isn’t great. It isn’t easy to keep that even and so I do have some loops that are bigger than others.

So I keep on keepin’ on, oddly curious as to what the whole thing will look like when the pattern changes in a few more rows.

I also wonder if I inadvertently invented some sort of new stitch in my prior attempts. I might have more talent than I first thought.


One thought on “Knittin’ and purlin’ or; the tea cosy continued”

  1. My grandmother was a master knitter. I never got the hang of purling, though, no matter how many times she explained the stitch. (*sigh* Sorry, gram…You tried your best.)

    Hope it’s been fun, as well as a learning experience!


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