Blog share #5

Where’s My Backpack?

Nope, not a query of mine at all, but the title of this  blog share.

Ailsa  fills this blog with all things travel and I have meandered through the world with her and loved it. Where’s my backpack?  is filled with amazing photos, and embellished with real, first-person descriptions of her adventures.

Ailsa also posts a weekly travel theme challenge which readers can participate in by submitting their own photography. Ailsa will typically highlight the theme with one simple word, and then include photos of her travels that epitomize her chosen idea. The most recent theme was Above, and this was one of her photos:

The city of Seattle, 40 minutes from my home, taken from the iconic Space Needle. (ailsa prideaux=mooney (ailsa prideaux=mooney

Through Ailsa’s photos and words I have traveled around the United States, to mountains in Ireland, to coastal shores on every continent, to areas of my own state and community, to Asia, all around Europe… and Ailsa is incredibly generous with her photo sharing. She not only includes scenic vistas, but day-to-day scenes of life and people from the locales she has visited. One gets the distinct impression that you are walking through the streets of Rome, or participating in a colorful community festival in Guatemala, or even seeing a local attraction like Seattle’s Pike Place Market, for the very first time.

I have to confess something. I am actually a little jealous of this blog, and of the many places Ailsa has traveled. She has the ability to make the world come to life, and I live vicariously through her work.

If you are a traveler yourself, or just a wanna-be like me, then grab your own backpack and journey with Ailsa throughout the world.


Love to hear from you!

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