Weekend plans

It always seems as if the first full weekend in December is loaded down with holiday related activities. So many exist, in fact, that it’s virtually impossible to attend all the ones that you might be interested in as most of those activities overlap.

I had at least five or six festive events earmarked for this weekend that sprang up in the pages of my local community guide. They all sounded promising until I started reviewing times and locations and realized that getting to the majority of them in any reasonable way wasn’t an option. I chose two.

Saturday I, along with daughter Alison who also goes in for old and historic, will travel north-ish and be here:


The Neely home, noted as a ‘Victorian farmhouse’ will be decorated for the holiday season and I will be in heaven.

On Sunday, we travel south to our state capitol for this:


as well as six other historic homes, all open for tours, and all decorated for the holidays as they would have been when newly built.

The daughter Alison and I have actually stayed in the home pictured, which has been a B&B for some years now and is probably better known around here as the Swantown Inn:


It was undergoing some second and third floor renovations at the time, so I’m excited to see the changes and just walk through this home again as well as the others on the tour. If I’m able I’ll try to get some pictures to post of various locations.


One thought on “Weekend plans”

  1. Wow, that looks so pretty, I would be in heaven too! Travelling with your daughter must be lovely too. I sometimes go places with mine and it’s mostly really enjoyable – more so than with my boyfriend, who can be a moody little pig.

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