A British inspired tea cosy: finished!

I made it…and just in time for the royal visit to America. I hope Kate and William appreciate the effort.

The tea cosy is complete. Not perfect, but complete and functional, at least when daughter Alison comes into ownership of a teapot that fits the cosy.

Right now we have this single serve pot that she uses on a regular basis, once gifted to me, but I don’t mind loaning it out for her tea time beverage.


We rocket up in size to our actual on-the-stove-heat-the-water teapot sitting in the background of the above photo


I chose to model the finished cosy on the larger pot so that you can see (imagine) what it may look like for reals and not just be asked to define a lump of yard tossed over that cute single serve version.


So you get the idea. It has the ribbing at the base, all of the increased stitches in the middle add nice fullness to surround the pot, the handle and spout openings work nicely (when you actually have a correct handle and spout that is) and the top is secure with the twisted tie.

I found a few slipped stitches that needed to be repaired and tucked in, and as I mentioned, I need a lot of work on managing stitch tension as well. I feel okay though about the final achievement, especially when you consider that straight knit stitches made up my entire repertoire prior to this.

Actually, had I not included the spout and handle openings, the pattern makes a darn cute winter hat as well…although this cosy will stay a cosy for the foreseeable future.




3 thoughts on “A British inspired tea cosy: finished!”

  1. I have no doubt of Kate and William’s appreciation. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the unfolding story of the tea cozy — I love the challenge of developing new-to-me skills, and have really enjoyed watching someone else going through that process!


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