More free time (?), and how to use it

The week ahead (so far) in list form.

1. Today, Monday:

a. Run over to a neighboring town to sign a check. This is to fix a silly oops on my part. I never write checks anymore, not with the various plastic money options that live so neatly in my clutch purse. The other day, as part of Miss G’s Christmas gift I did send off a check to our CPA who handles all the retirement funds for us. The check was intended to go into Miss G’s college fund. I got a call on Friday from his office. I forgot to sign the check.

aa. On a second Miss G note, I may not be seeing her this week. The schedule was set for 3 1/2 days, but Grandma Nina may be back with Miss G as she extended her Thanksgiving stay. I may be free as a bird so now I am stretching myself to figure out what to do.

b. Grocery shopping and yarn shopping. Monday is my typical shopping day for staples and fresh food supplies for dinners over the next few days. Veggie related items mostly, or things that I’ve discovered we are nearly out of stock on over the weekend. It truly amazes me how so many things can be full one day and empty the next. Someone can’t give up the habit of late night snacking and his name is not Deb or Alison. Now that the tea cosy is complete, and my hands withstood the tugging and pulling and winding of yarn, I have had an inspirational idea for more yarn work and would like to lay in a small starting supply of yarn, especially if I don’t have Miss G this week.

bb. I will have more on the tea cosy, some antique shopping and the newly created knitting endeavor in the future. *To my children: DO NOT BE AFRAID. I will NOT be filling your homes with various yarn animals, quilts, sweaters, and the like. I promise.

2. Tuesday:

Assuming Grandma Nina is running wild with Miss G I have some ‘no longer necessary’ items that need to be donated. I also want to do a bit more Christmas shopping for Miss G. We recently reworked her book shelf, taking out all the touch & feel books from her early days (how funny that sounds as she is now a ‘big girl’ of 2) and made room for some new reading books. No, she doesn’t read yet, but she does enjoy sitting just before sleepy times and reading a few stories. I love that she’s finally at the age where she wants to hear the words and help to tell the stories. Grandma must fill the empty hole left by the storage of those baby books so off to Half Price Books I think.

3. Wednesday:

Daytime plans are open, any ideas? Knitting will happen I’m sure, as well as the need to remove tracked cat litter from rugs, hard floors, cat beds/blankets, and whatever other surfaces the cat has managed to jump on after peeing and walking through her used litter. She can’t jump very well, and remember she barely makes it into her box to go, so when finished she simply turns around and steps through the used litter onto the puppy pad, which collects a few bits and pieces while most of the damp litter clings to her back leg fur. Out of the need to keep horrific images to a minimum I will not share with you where I find the litter much of the time. I will simply reveal that she still can claw her way onto our bed…and that I do laundry a lot…

Evening plans include a local concert, most likely with daughter Alison. A local college is holding one of their holiday concerts, and this one includes Celtic music, so we planned to attend that. It’s free with a suggested donation and literally 5 minutes away, which is great because staying up much after 8 PM plus driving in the dark to reach home is not something I do often.

4. Thursday:

Again, now plans are wide open if I don’t have the added 1/2 day with Miss G. I know the grocery store will see me again for more fresh veggies. I’ve been amping up my intake on the veg even more again. It is just too easy to fall into old habits at this time of year with pastries and coffee additions and breads and…well, you all know I’m sure. It’s been almost 1 year since I changed my eating habits, my weight loss of 30 lbs has remained nicely steady, with only a few pounds fluctuation at any time, but I do notice continued (and expected) changes in the arthritis and so the major reason for this eating plan, reducing inflammation, needs to kick into gear again. It helped to make my joint pain bearable, but wear and tear on joints doesn’t stop unless I stop and that isn’t in the plans.

5. Friday:

I think that it’s time for a Feminist Friday post so that may be an ongoing writing/research project for this entire week. In the wake of so much discussion surrounding black lives lately I thought I might search out an essay or two, written by black female activists and feminists, found in some of my WGS texts. Always worth hearing I believe. I also noticed an announcement for a local theater event, just some whimsical Christmas related production, set for this evening. It might be fun…although staying up late two nights in one week…that’s really pushing it for me so we’ll see.

And…blogging will happen throughout. Perhaps this open time will give me ample opportunity to get ahead on a few posts. I really enjoyed having uninterrupted time to write on my little mini-retreat at the beach a few months ago. The house will be quiet most of the week and I hope that translates into writing.

What does this week hold for you? I hope some time to simply think of yourself and what makes you happy. We all need that.


Love to hear from you!

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