Fellow bloggers, I have a question that I hope you can help me with

I came across a blog about one month ago in the WordPress area designed to suggest blogs based on interests, other blogs followed, etc.

I bet that some of you follow this blog as well: rarasaur.wordpress.com

The latest post is here.

Can anyone give me some back story on this blog/blogger? I have gleaned a bit of information, but many of the early posts have been archived I believe. I understand from what I have read that the original author was found guilty (falsely?) of a crime and is now serving a prison sentence in California.

The post that I linked to above is an actual letter written to the followers of this blog updating the bloggers life since entering prison. I was rather riveted by this post, and what I have read so far and wonder if anyone who has been following this blog for some time can/is willing to share the circumstances.

I feel as if I have stepped into a very private world and almost feel guilty for wanting to continue to read this story, although the blog is maintained and readers are still very loyal. I have to assume that when this blog was started it was not centered on this topic, so I am mostly curious about who/what this blogs original intent was and some insight into what happened.




2 thoughts on “Fellow bloggers, I have a question that I hope you can help me with”

  1. Fish of Gold has some explanation, as does Merbear (at knocked over by a feather or something), I believe. I don’t follow any of them all that closely, and I don’t know Rara’s backstory, but yes, she stopped fighting charges a while back and just went to jail. And yes, her followers are very loyal and vocal!


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