Tea anyone?

I think I have to share the daughter Alison’s and my adventures relevant to the finished tea cosy. After our home tours, and some discussion here and there on the purchase of a teapot, we decided to explore some local antique stores where we scoured the shelves for tea related items.

Vendor after vendor had various china and/or ceramic teapots, but you have to understand something about daughter Alison. She is by no means dainty. Nor does she have much regard for flowery china patterns. Almost every teapot we encountered on our first outing was of the dainty, flowery variety. She was unimpressed to say the least. We wandered up and down aisle after aisle and just by chance I stopped in a booth and looked down. I found this.

 Silver plate. Battered and dented. Her eyes lit up. A teapot, that although embellished with some ornamental designs, was not among the fine china family. It was also smaller than what we had originally pictured as a good size for the cosy, but she sort of fell in love with this little pot. We checked the rest of the store and nothing else made her as happy as this pot. Our next task was to find a cup and saucer. Again, almost every set we ran across was not to her liking, until we spotted this one.


This was acceptable. No pinks. No girly flowers to speak of, just rather nature inspired. It was clear to see that she was already anticipating her first tea service.

Almost as soon as we got home she was starting to brew a pot of tea. She began to fill the teapot with water, trying to gauge how much it would hold to help her determine how much tea to use when this happened.


Yep, an unseen (although neither of us had really looked) hole in the bottom.


Duck tape to the rescue as she was determined to have tea at that point. The patch job lasted for one tea time, but when she tried again later the patch had given out. The sale was final, so disappointed, we decided another try at locating the perfect teapot might be in order. Fortunately she didn’t spend much on the faulty pot.

Today we ventured out again and after two shops, hidden away in a corner of one of our local antique malls, she found this.


We both looked at every edge and joint and didn’t see any apparent openings, but just to be sure she asked to fill the pot with water before purchasing it. The owner looked at her rather oddly when she made that request, until she explained why, then he seemed rather impressed that she had the forethought to ask for a trial run. The teapot passed the test and you could see the look in her eyes as she anticipated another round of tea.

I was pleased for her, and I think this new pot is really rather special with the cute feet to stand on. Best of all, it shows off the cosy rather nicely, don’t you think…



She is now set on finding a silver platter, as well as a two or three-tiered server for tea time scones and treats.


Love to hear from you!

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