Willpower. What’s that? Also: reindeer, for real.

Because the tea cozy is functioning so well, and tea time has become sort of a regular thing with the grand new teapot noted in this post, I suggested to daughter Alison that she look into getting some tea time scone mixes in stock to round out the experience.

I know that scones aren’t too terribly hard to make from scratch, and Alison has ventured into more cooking lately, but the reality is that a mix, if it tastes good, is a pretty good substitute.

We have a local (eastern side of our state) company that produces scone and other baking mixes as well as jams and curds. They call themselves Sticky Fingers Bakeries. They have flavors like Pumpkin Cranberry, Lemon Poppyseed, Black Currant, Lemon Ginger, Vanilla Chai, Peppermint Chocolate Chip, and Spiced Eggnog. We’re able to find these scone mixes in a few shops close by. Most are in the trendy markets, but Alison and I discovered them the other day when we were visiting Santa’s reindeer with Miss G at a local greenhouse and home decor shop called Watson’s. I sort of love this place anyway, especially during this season as they have amazing Christmas decor and at least 25 trees decorated like a HGTV home set. Oh, before I go on, here is Miss G and the reindeer. I believe this is Donner and Blitzen.



Apparently reindeer love to rub their horns on evergreens and as they are in an enclosure without trees, and not too likely to be allowed to roam freely around the grounds, they are given bunches of fresh evergreen bows to groom on. They are also very well-mannered and patient by the way. Donner stood by calmly while Blitzen spent quite a long time with the greens.

Anyway, we wandered into the store itself as kids could go on a mini scavenger hunt and be rewarded with a stuffed reindeer. As we followed Miss G in and around trees and lights and ornaments, Alison and I ran smack dab into a display of Sticky Fingers scone mixes. Now Alison had picked up a few packages the other day after work. I was doing well in my resistance to purchasing some of my favorite mixes simply because I kept telling myself I didn’t want to drive for 20 minutes for scone mix. Who was I kidding anyway, and now, since Watson’s is only about 10 minutes away from home, do I really have any excuse not to get a bag or two or ten…

I think not.

Can you guess where Alison and I might just end up tomorrow? We’ll have a scone with our tea and think of all of you, because I bet your willpower wouldn’t be much better than mine.




3 thoughts on “Willpower. What’s that? Also: reindeer, for real.”

  1. I’m a huge fan of fresh-baked scones! Figured out a way, during my last mega-baking kick, how to fix once/eat often (don’t see why wouldn’t work with mixes as well as from scratch): prep the dough, cut/shape the scones, transfer them to baking sheet covered with either wax paper or parchment–then stick the whole tray in the freezer. Then you can bake one or a few at a time (package the rest for freezer storage); same temp, just add ~2-3 minutes of baking time.

    Very curious which flavor you decided to go with… 🙂


    1. What a great idea, thanks. We got four flavors so this could be a mega prep day, although I may have to clear room in the freezer first. Lets see, I think we went with pumpkin-cranberry, raspberry white chocolate, lemon-ginger and coconut chocolate chip. The daughter made her maple flavor yesterday and they aren’t bad, although I like my scones sort of crumbly if that makes sense and these lean to spongy, not heavy but just a different texture. She’s happy though with the ease of them and she’s the one who eats more than I do so I will just suffer my way through… 😉


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