One tradition we still uphold

No presents to unwrap, no young kids clamoring at 6 AM…just the senile old cat wanting her breakfast at 4:30…thus was the way Christmas day 2014 began.

I did continue the tradition of Christmas breakfast though. I don’t feel ready to give that up yet. So after the cat was happy, and curled back into her bed human food was the priority.

This year it was a simple latke recipe, sautéed apples rather than applesauce, pumpkin-cranberry scones with orange glaze, oh and a little bacon, because it’s been ages since I’ve had bacon. Strangely it wasn’t all that great so maybe I’ve finally gotten over my fixation with pork.

The scones, yes from one of our mixes without any flair or fuss or even any actual wedge shaping. Easiest way at 5 AM.



The latkes and bacon. Along with a close up of the latkes frying. Just used a bit of green onion and some parm inside and they fried up better than any I have ever made.





The latke toppings: salsa (jarred) for the husband, sautéed apples, and the little jar holds pear chutney. This amazing stuff came in my Christmas present from Meredith, along with an assortment of other homemade goodies. It was fantastic with the potatoes…not too sweet. I had two latkes, but I’m considering going back for another so I can top it with more chutney. If Alison doesn’t get up soon, the chutney will just be gone…


Now, for some coffee, and maybe another scone…

I hope that you all enjoy all your own eating adventures today.


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