Blog Share # 7

The featured blog today is one that I have talked about here before so rather than being a true ‘share’ I think we’ll call it more of a recap.

Cecilia Gunther writes about living life as a mid-western sustainable farmer at thekitchensgarden. I believe that I’ve talked about Celi, or Miss C, as we of the Fellowship refer to her, during the time The Fellowship was putting together our first book Letters For My Little Sister. 

Celi is transplanted from New Zealand where much of her family still lives. I believe she’s been in the mid-west for about six years. I am envious of Celi. She can accomplish more in one day as a single force than I and a crew could manage in one week. There have been very few times since I began following her blog that she’s not been able to accomplish a full day’s work running her farm, cooking, photographing her life, writing on her blog, running errands, and probably doing numerous other tasks that don’t get a mention in the blog. I think amazing is a good descriptive as I often find myself really wondering how, or even why, she has set about to live a very demanding lifestyle. Actually, I can understand the why, (guilty of secret farm life dreams I am) it’s the how that puzzles me. I have some theories that she may actually be more than one person…

I came to Celi’s blog through an odd road after posting some random photos of my own, tagging them as such, then following some of those ‘you might like this blog’ type of links from WordPress. I discovered a witty woman with a passion for raising healthy and healthful animals and crops, and that was pretty appealing to someone trying to cut all the crap from their diet and looking for a better food experience.

This blog reads like an ongoing journal. Readers get a peek into each day on the farm, usually from Celi’s perspective, but sometimes, we are surrounded by the voices of her animals, both pets and livestock. The words are often brutally honest and Celi is not one to mince about with either the joys of raising animals or the raw facts. I have laughed out loud at so many of her descriptions simply because her animals all have personalities that are often outrageously funny, annoying, wise, and eccentric. I have also shed many tears. Celi runs a farm and life both happens and ceases on any farm. These stories are the ones that help me to realize that I would never be cut out to live this lifestyle. Celi has her pets, and Celi also has her animals raised to go on her table, or to be sold for someone else’s table. That final destination isn’t often an easy one to read about.

The pictures posted each day usually focus on the animals, but Celi often puts up photos of the farm itself…flat prairie lands, covered with feed crops and so different a landscape from the views out of my home windows.

The most important part of this journey though is that of friendship. Celi is genuine, as are the Fellowship of followers. I have made connections with other bloggers by simply taking part in this blog and it’s community. Celi welcomes everyone, and the Fellowship is open to all. We’d love you to join us…especially Sheila.




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