“Deehubs” for a public voice

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook I want to share this:


That is a building, obviously very near the Seattle Spaceneedle and those are my words plastered to the side of the building.

I was watching the news yesterday and they featured a story about a local start-up (trophos–the creators are from Georgia, not the state) who take the words of individuals and project them onto buildings. It is free right now, although I don’t know if it will remain so…capitalism is king you know. You can quote, you can post a short personal message, you can offer opinion/commentary…this is their ‘About’ page:

People Deserve Public Stages

Deehubs is a social network where people post in streets. We use projectors and digital billboards to broadcast your messages. Today we are operating in Seattle and plan worldwide expansion starting from 2015.

In Deehubs we are “vandals”. Some people want to become cops to protect the system, while others want to become vandals to create better looking world, we are looking for vandals. People who never abandon their dreams and even in their hard times they are chasing for their stars. In Deehubs we will make you stop, activate your brain, even just for a second. Deehubs is not only a social network, it is the public stage.

My words, literally the first, and very un-profound, words that came to mind when I decided to do this.

Some of my readers are among the voices that I would call outspoken, or opinionated, or activist. If you have a voice, this might be another place to let it be heard.


9 thoughts on ““Deehubs” for a public voice”

    1. Sometimes, even with all the bad ‘news’ on the TV something useful and inspirational is highlighted as with the intro of this group. I think it’s pretty ‘nifty’ myself 🙂

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        1. Oh yes please do. They should send you an email with the photo so please post it…sometimes the best thing is just getting the words out for someone to see, rather it be the intended or not…you never know 🙂

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