The only sound in the house right now, except for the sound of my fingers on the keyboard, is the incessant channel changing from one football game to another…

Auburn vs. Wisconsin…then to Baylor vs. Michigan…then to previews of the Rose Bowl with Oregon and Florida State…then on to more previews of the Alabama vs. Ohio State Sugar Bowl game later…and it goes on and on and on.

I think though, that someone is leaving, which means that the TV can be turned off and peace can reign once more. This also allows me to stop avoiding half of my own house while trying to escape this football fest.

Do you hear that?

Neither do I.

Complete silence. The TV is off.

I don’t even want to turn on any music. I simply want to bask in the quiet and give my ears a chance to stop ringing from the exuberant and increasingly hoarse voices of the game announcers.

Quiet never sounded so good.


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