Blog share # 8

I’ve been moving in and out and around a number of blogs lately so I believe that I’ve lost track of many when it comes to the time frame that they became a part of the group noted to be my consistent reads.

That’s what I get for trying to use a chronological order in writing this blog share series. I know that I’ve gotten through the blogs that are considered to be my original standouts, so I have no intention of trying to drive myself crazy over the rest of my followed blogs. We’re just going to say that the majority of the remaining blogs on my list all jumped into my follow box at about the same time. So, in no particular order from this point on, I continue the series with Coffee and a blank page.

I won’t likely forget how I met Alice. I was writing here and there about blogging in general, and engagement with ones readers specifically. I said whatever it was I had to say – probably something deeply philosophical and inspirational – and invited (challenged) readers to let their voices be heard by commenting and engaging with my blog. Alice took me up on my offer and we began a dialog that has grown to encompass topics surrounding family, feminism, violence, rape, mental health, recovery, women, sexuality, empowerment, gender, human rights…do you see a trend.

Alice uses a few tag lines to give newcomers a glimpse into her areas of focus:

“a feminist writes, rants, remembers”

“memoirist & poet & academic writes
sex & bodies & minds & violence”

Alice has also (just newly discovered by me) renewed and reworked parts of her ‘About’ pages. Sometimes I don’t succeed in keeping up with change on the blogs I follow, but as just discovered, it usually makes me happy when I do because I get a clearer picture of who these blog authors are every time they update their words. Alice has been tweaking things, which means I need to go back and make sure I haven’t missed something of import.

I think Alice will allow me to say that reading her posts can be a struggle. They are beautifully written, full of emotion and power, but they also tell tales of horror, and pain, and confusion. Words of anger are also surrounded by words of promise and hope. When reading Alice’s words I have been shocked, infuriated, and heart-broken. I have also been enlightened, and privileged, and I have laughed…out loud. Alice is on a journey to grow her voice, to speak without fear and to feel powerful in a world that is so often harsh and unkind and just simply shitty.

I feel as if I am taking the journey with Alice, in many ways, and I appreciate that. Her words always challenge me to think. Of course, as is customary for me, I react first, letting emotion flood over me. Then I breathe, re-read her post, perhaps once, maybe even twice, and gather my thoughts. Commenting with Alice over her posts is like having a grand conversation with someone you truly admire. It is not only sharing a connection, but it involves learning, and a truly respectful exchange of viewpoints and knowledge.

If you visit Coffee and a blank page, and I hope that you do, the reading may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Alice’s words, and Alice herself, are worth it. So very worth your time to really listen to her voice.


One thought on “Blog share # 8”

  1. Thank you for such a thoughtful and generous post!
    I appreciate our interactions very much as well. Oh, and calling some of my stuff “a struggle” to read…is a very kind and generous description as well!! 😉

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