Feminist Friday: Everyday Feminism

Slowly but surely I feel some of the passion surrounding Feminist Friday to be making a return. Rather than jump in with both feet I’m gonna take it slow and just see what comes.

I do want to share a feminist related site today though. Time after time I have found many of the articles published at Everyday Feminism to promote provocative, might I even say challenging, insight into issues that span a range of feminist and social interest. Here are just a few:

What, Why, When, Where, and How? 5 Common Questions About Trigger Warnings Answered

4 Ways Mainstream Feminism Fails Muslim Women

Dear White America: This Is Why It’s About Race

Large Bodies Don’t Need Metaphors to Be Beautiful

I have also wanted to open up my engagement a bit more on the Facebook page attached to I am therefore I write. Every post published here goes directly to that Facebook page, but I haven’t spent a great deal of time doing much else on the page to bring interesting writing (at least to me) to those who either follow or stop on occasion. So in the interest of my slow return approach to serial writing, with fingers crossed that burn out stays at bay, I am going to try to use the Facebook version of the blog to highlight both articles appropriate to Feminist Friday and Media Monday. Links to articles like the ones above, as well as interesting news stories or controversial media coverage, such as this: Romney considering third run for President… (god, NO, and as laughable as Chris Christie) should appear there as status updates on occasion. I’d like to see if this will generate some feedback and comments at the page itself , as things are relatively slow in that department on Facebook.

As usual, comments always welcome and encouraged.



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