Hello, you can call me perplexed

This is one of the simplest, silliest, and most inconsequential posts that I have every written on this blog.

Channeling the Church Lady

I do have to admit, since I’m working on full disclosure lately, that I did bear a striking resemblance to Dana Carveys church lady when I wrote the post. Darker hair, but just as short, and as the point of the post relates, an ability to draw tightly the corners of my mouth making them look for all intent and purpose rather like the anal sphincter.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why it continues to get as many views as it does. My stats page tells me that just this week it got 32 views. I wrote the post in 2011.

I can make some assumptions about the post, although I venture to guess they are incorrect:

1. There is a large following of older Saturday Night Live fans out there who can’t let go of Dana Carvey and his portrayal of The Church Lady so they feel a need to check out my post, maybe anticipating a bootleg YouTube type video or some such thing.

2. JZ Knight has let go of Ramtha and is now focused on giving voice to imaginary SNL characters.

3. A Google search leads folks to the post. Actually, sort of no. With the search term ‘the church lady’ my blog doesn’t appear in the first five pages and I have no intention of looking further. However, if I Google the actual title of the post it does come up second on the list. Why though would anyone actually enter ‘channeling the church lady’ as a search term?

4. Folks find the blog, perhaps focus on the word ‘church’ in the title and believe this blog has something to do with religion, or spirituality, or faith, or belief. Wrong on all counts with that one newcomers. I am an atheist.

That’s about all I’ve got for ideas. I don’t have one of those ‘read a random post’ features set up on this blog so I really can’t figure out how folks are finding this post, or why they would be searching my archives for a post with this subject matter.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful readers. Really. I appreciate that you are here, interacting in whatever way seems appropriate for you, but I do have to ask you all something.

Is a post on Dana Carvey and a sketch comedy character really the best thing that I’ve turned out here?

I’d really like to believe that I have posts that reflect my deeper beliefs, or that tell a story that ultimately touches a nerve, or that cause you to challenge your own systems and ideas.

After all the hubbub dies down, and the initial new views dwindle from the fact that I just highlighted, and linked, the aforementioned silly post, can we just move on please. Can we let Dana rest quietly on his own obscure page and refuse to dredge him, or my post, up and into the light of day so often.

Maybe I could make this wish my New Year’s resolution, even though I don’t make resolutions.

Let’s allow The Church Lady a quick and quiet death, and lets strive to find a substantial, perhaps even provocative post, to take its place of honor in 2015.


6 thoughts on “Hello, you can call me perplexed”

  1. Mine is the Oxymoron Poem, something my dad used to delight in reciting to us when we were kids. So something I didn’t write myself, but wrote a post about. Not my best work, but something WordPress keeps coming back to because of the likes and views. It’s a vicious cycle. How do we get off this merry go round? Or should we just enjoy the ride? I liked you church lady post. Sorry, that’s not helping. haha😄


    1. Yup, that was what WordPress sent to me about you–and I was very glad to see it! (Was doing some fast, late-night skimming on my phone, so I didn’t stop to comment there.) I only ever knew about 5 lines of that poem (right around “Back to back, they faced…”) but always suspected there had to be more to it.

      I so appreciated getting the answer to a question I’ve been carrying around for the last 30-some years!

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  2. Another possibility? If you “like” a post or follow a blog, the author (depending on settings) gets an email, which includes links to your own blog. If this post has high stats already, WordPress may be using it as your calling card to potential new readers.
    Of course, if you’re not out engaging with gobs of new blogs, then I’m tapped. 🙂

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    1. Well that’s interesting to know, although I’m not so sure that I want my church lady alter ego to be my moniker if you know what I mean…
      New blogs/bloggers sort of come and go for me, right now we’re in an up phase so you may be on to something here…thanks 🙂


      1. I absolutely know what you mean! Top viewed post on CaaBP remains something I wrote about Janine Palmer (Rice) before the elevator video leaked. Post’s popularity stemmed from months later (day the video broke), as people crawled the web looking for lurid images. For MONTHS I kept getting new viewers hitting that page first… Creeped. Me. Out.


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