A truly long day

It’s 6:30 PM here. I am beyond tired. The senile cat has started getting up earlier now to roam the house, use her box (or the pad in the vicinity of her box) nibble on some dry food, meow a few times to see if she can get anyone to respond, then come clawing her way back up onto the bed. Early used to mean 4:00 AM. Now it means 3:00. On week days, the husband will be up at 4. Consequently, because I know that the alarm is going to go off, and because I know that the cat is not sleeping next to me but waiting for me to move as a signal that she might be getting food, I really don’t go back to sleep. Even when I try, even after she has been fed by the husband when he gets up, I know she is going to wander the house, yowling because someone (me) isn’t fulfilling her morning routine.

Let’s face it. Once I’m awake it seems truly worthless to just lay there under the covers thinking that I will fall back asleep when I know I won’t.

Consequently, much of what typically seems endearing to me about Miss G just created a cranky, irritated, unhappy grandma today. Miss G has moved in and out of the ‘why’ phase in the last few months. She is currently back into it and today was a day filled with why, why, why. She doesn’t take kindly to either her grandma or her parents trying the same tactics on her. She gets downright mad and her reasoning ability isn’t perfected enough yet to comprehend why we are asking why. Most of the time (secretly) it’s a little bit funny to set about turning the tables on her for a short time. Today was not one of those days. In fact, after lunch I actually asked her to simply go into her room and play with her dollhouse for a time…alone. Grandma needed a break. I think I dozed off for a few minutes. I think she sensed that grandma had endured enough. She would come down the hall every 5 minutes or so to make sure I was still in the house, then go back and play pretend with her dolls. After about 20¬†minutes she came out, looked at me seriously and said, “Grandma, are you happy now?”

Of course she got a huge hug, and lots of kisses as I helped her get ready for her nap.

The cat, on the other hand, will not be sent off to play alone and I will not be afforded any breaks from her growing senility and demands. If the cat asked me, I would tell her emphatically that no, I am not happy, not one little bit.

Now, I think it’s about time to get to bed. 3:00 AM will be here before I know it.


3 thoughts on “A truly long day”

  1. Sorry the senile cat is still causing such mid-night disturbances! (Though I’d be sorrier if you wrote she was no longer with you.) My own two are both currently being lulled into dopiness by a radiator turned up higher than I prefer. I may need to start wearing shorts around the apartment–but at least for now, I have two drowsy kitties drooped across the shelf above the heater.


    1. I want this lady to be happy in her old age, but I don’t know if I’ll make it through. With no real way of knowing how long she is going to be around I can only anticipate years of this right now…something I’m not ready for at all.


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