Blog Share #9

Allow me a bit of liberty on this blog share. Up to this point I’ve been sharing blogs that I follow on a regular basis – meaning I read each post that comes my way, and usually comment on their content fairly often as well.

Although BINARYTHIS exists in my followed blogs, it isn’t one that I would say I actively follow. I believe I found the blog shortly after finishing my sociology degree, between the time I was sure that I was going to pursue more higher ed and the realization that no, I needed to scratch that idea. Hannah is a PhD student living in Australia. She has a sociology background and writes about gender. Here, let me just let her tell you herself. The ‘About’ page includes:

“I am a PhD Candidate at the Australian National University, in the School of Sociology. I tutor in sociology and gender, sexuality and culture, and my background is philosophy, psychology and political science.”

“This is a blog dedicated to all things gender bending, blending, queering, conforming, questioning, subverting, fixing, unfixing.”

“I am passionate about gender studies…”

For a young university student, she also has a laundry list of awards, recognition, and writing credits behind her name. You can find all those on the ‘About’ page as well, with links. I’ve read her writing. She knows what she’s talking about. She also has a sense of humor. You have to if you study society, and discuss gender all day.

Two posts that I am particularly fond of are:

Foucault Explained with Hipsters (Sorry Hannah, I still get lost when I attempt Foucault)

Judith Butler Explained with Cats (Funny and creative, because it helps with Butler)

Please note that I mentioned the PhD work going on around all the other activities this writer is involved in. I would venture to guess that having absolutely no time is a big reason that BINARYTHIS isn’t published very often. Consequently, when I notice a new post I usually tuck it away for future reading, thus the reason I comment that this blog is not among those on my actively followed list.

I know a few readers in particular who follow discussions on topics of gender, who have some amazing insights themselves, and who I believe would find BINARYTHIS an important blog as well. I also know that many of you want more information on the topics that Hannah discusses. This blog share is written especially for all of you.

Checking in on Hannah also helps to keep me to my self imposed boundaries labeled “NO, YOU WILL NOT TAKE OUT LOANS TO PAY FOR GRAD SCHOOL” every time I read about her life and work as a PhD candidate.


3 thoughts on “Blog Share #9”

    1. Did you see her post today on dolls? I understand where she’s coming from, and the message put forth by both depictions of the dolls she highlights. I think that each version has a message that can be a teaching tool…is it sort of picky of me to say that I’m not sure the unadorned dolls are fixing a specific ideal of female gender? They are one option, just like the Bratz, or Barbies (which I really take issue with) or a million other ‘gendered’ toys on the market. Isn’t it about how we (parents, other family, friends…) choose to discuss and portray gendered norms and stereotypes with kids over the notion that the literal face value of the toy represents a socially acceptable gender ideal.


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