April A-Z challenge

I believe I mentioned this challenge briefly some months back, but without much detail. I wanted to put a new post up about the challenge because I know some of you like to participate in these sorts of blogging activities.

The link to the ‘official’ information is below, however, while I am pretty sure that I’m going to participate as a personal challenge to myself, I don’t really plan to follow or participate in all the extras noted in the information. I don’t feel like I need a badge, and while some folks may want to go all out for this challenge, I need to keep things simple for myself.

April A-Z Challenge

When I first contemplated participation during April I had in mind a few theme ideas. Since then, unless I come up with something else soon, I’m going to go with a generalized theme focused on highlighting female writers. These women may be feminists, they may be activists, they may be well know in literature or some other genre, or not so well-known even…

I settled on this theme because I have, on my library shelf, a book that, like most books residing there, probably came into my possession during a college class. It is an anthology in fact, and conveniently covers authors and essayists and poets with names that meet the alphabetical requirements of this challenge. Yes, I will be using their last names as my guide to work through a post each day. A few letters of the alphabet aren’t represented by the book, but I have an extensive list to draw from online as well.

I hope that some of you will consider taking part in the challenge as well. The blogs I follow are diverse, and I think many of you could develop some excellent A-Z posts from within your own blog themes and interests, or just go crazy and try something completely different.

Just in case you didn’t note this page, it should give you the information you need.


5 thoughts on “April A-Z challenge”

  1. I’ve been planning for it since fall πŸ™‚ I’ll register the minute the list opens, and have lots of friends who are also joining in. I did it last year and it was one of the highlights of 2014 for me. Some of my best friends in the blogosphere are people I met through A to Z.

    I recommend it for any blogger who can handle it. It’s huge.

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    1. It’s a bit intimidating for someone who doesn’t post every day usually. Trying to get started on posts now so I don’t get behind. I actually have you to thank for the attempt. I saw this on your blog initially and thought, why not? πŸ™‚

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      1. That’s very cool. It was plenty intimidating last year. I didn’t even have the first week of posts written for it when it started, and I was very sorry to have not done that.

        If you can’t do them all, two weeks worth is good to shoot for. That way, if you can one a day for the first few days you can be far enough ahead to finish the last week’s worth on a weekend early in the month.

        Best of luck with it!


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