Baking with Miss G

In an attempt to maintain my sanity today keeping Miss G entertained while stuck inside avoiding the rain we made sugar cookies.

I found a gluten-free mix hidden away in the back of Miss G’s pantry. We tugged on the art shirt, which today was re-purposed as an apron, and set to work.

She smushed margarine with a wooden spoon. She smashed an egg yolk. Grandma sent up clouds of cookie mix that left a fine dust on the counter as we both tried to mix up the cookie dough.

In between Miss G’s help with these chores, she deftly decided to clean up the cookie mix powder covering the counter for me. She had an ingenious method.

1. Lick your fingers.

2. Drag your fingers through the powder.

3. Lick your fingers again.

4. Repeat.

If this method fails to attract enough mix dust to satisfy, add this step.

5. Lick your entire hand (palm and fingers) and both drag and swoosh hand around the counter in swirling patterns to collect stubborn mix powder.

6. Take gigantic lapping licks with your tongue, including between the fingers, to remove all powder from your hands. The second method was very successful.

I confess, I contemplated moving Miss G to the sink to wash those hands prior to digging into the dough to make cookies. I stood quietly, watching her enjoy her dust.

“Miss G, could you stop licking your hands please. We need to make the cookies.”


Why is the answer to most everything for Miss G lately. Did I really want to try to explain why and then listen to two, or three, or ten more why’s. Why indeed Miss G.

Oh, what the hell I said to myself.

“Here’s a paper towel Miss G. Please wipe the spit off your hands.” My inner voice said, “No one will know…”

“Grab some dough Miss G, and roll it like this.”


We got some blobs with grandma’s help. We got some stretched ovals. We mostly got snakes as is evident by the ‘cookies’ on the left.

Miss G is an excellent snake maker. She learned this skill after much Playdoh practice. We looked for sprinkles. We settled for cocoa nibs which Miss G felt needed to be securely jammed into the dough.

Miss G ate 2 snakes and 2 cookies…the best cookies ever.



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