A rather incidental post this morning. I stayed up late last night, after 9 PM actually, then was rewarded with twitchy legs for a time. That means that I probably didn’t really sleep until after 10, although I didn’t want to look at the clock. Doing so would have set my mind racing toward the 3 AM cat alarm, and sleep would have been even more elusive.

Saturday’s have become a day to ignore the outside world for me. Saturday’s have become my wind-down day after the week with Miss G. Basically Saturday’s have become my day to sit on my ass and do very little. I suspect that by Saturday, all the very early mornings combined with the addition of 8 hours of play on some week days take their toll and I just don’t give a damn about doing much at all.

I did accomplish some chores though. Things like laundry, and some cleaning. I cut my hair as well. Actually just a trim around the bottom. This head has had many, many layers of hair for some time, and I came to my wit’s end awhile back what with days where it behaved to some degree and others in which I looked like my fingers had been inserted into a live electric socket. And…my hair has changed. I’ve been noticing that it is dry. It’s fine hair anyway, but it also seems to be much drier than I remember. I used to wash it everyday. Now it’s every other, and I think I could go even longer than that. Anyway, I have allowed those layers to grow to one length. The bangs are almost there, and for some odd reason, it’s been behaving very well. I do have a line though, and when the length begins to cross that line nothing feels right. My whole face feels as if my hair is pulling the skin down, drawing my features along as the hair grows. How odd does that sound? I reached my breaking point yesterday, so off went some hair. Instant peace of mind resulted.

We are experiencing a prelude to spring here with temperatures near 60 degrees. I also made it outside to finally move some planters that had been collecting rain water over the last months. I really meant to do that chore last fall, but…

The cat has been using one of those planters as her water bowl. Mind you, she has a lovely indoor water dish, filled each morning with cold, fresh water, yet she prefers to go outside to drink from the dirty planter. It’s as if she can’t make sense of the fact that water isn’t supposed to be greenish-brown, rather fetid, and filled with outdoor detritus. The planter is now cleared, moved and will wait for spring planting. The cat has a bowl of water just outside the back door. She wandered a bit yesterday, searching the area for her planter, but seems to be adjusting to her replacement.

Walking around northwest gardens at this time of year is a bit alarming. Wet leaves that didn’t make it into the compost bin last fall are sitting sodden, around and within some of my plants. Everything droops, and drips, and frankly looks like death. The algae and moss have taken over our vinyl siding adding a gray-green hue to the tan. I also noticed that a large portion of our deck is pulling away from its other half. We have a large deck just off the back door, and a smaller addition -one step down-  just off that with a very large arbor and vine. I think (suspect) that the weight of this arbor has finally gotten the best of the deck (which has seen way better days anyway) and is pulling the addition away from the main. The husband hasn’t heard this news yet, or seen the growing gap. His reaction will most likely be to ignore it. I may just see about tearing the entire thing down as I think it’s time. The deck hasn’t been maintained properly in years. It needs to go. That will leave a very large area of dirt and rock to deal with. The possibilities are many, yet I caution myself as my ultimate goal is to soon move away from here into something nice and maintained solely by others.

On a bright note, some of the plants on my walking tour yesterday were already showing green buds! I am almost fully confident that we will see true spring soon. Our areas is just not experiencing a real winter. The typical rain yes, but snow won’t even come to our mountains. No pictures. By the time I discovered these small bursts of green I was too dirty and wet to return inside for the camera phone.

My final chore was to go through the book collection. I ended up with an entire shelf of books that are ready to go to Halfprice Books and return a few dollars to my pocket.

The rest of my day was taken up by knitting. I’m working on a child size hat right now that has a nice alternating open pattern, but still should be warm. I’ve actually been experimenting with different patterns from a book I bought, working here and there on a swatch that might give promising hat pattern results. Some have been winners, others…not so much.

I hope your Saturday was everything you wanted and needed it to be.


Love to hear from you!

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