In senile cat news, because I know you want an update…

Months of eating only wet cat food have now been replaced with gobbling down the new Fancy Feast dry chicken and turkey food, and general apathy toward anything moist and gooey. In other words, I have can after can of wet food that the cat could care less about now. I can deal with this.


If you remember my comments regarding the ‘outdoor’ water bowl (ie: nasty old planter) that the cat had taken a liking to and chose to drink water from, and that said planter is now removed, and that the only reason the cat ever wanted to go outside was to drink from the planter…

…all of that has set her on edge dramatically. As much as she would like her planter returned, filled with disgusting water and available to her, it isn’t going to happen. Water sources are no longer available outside as she has perfectly good water less than 2 inches from the patio door. Her anxiety level has increased since the change on Sunday. Likely part of that increased tension comes because she is alone during the day, which is getting harder for her anyway as her sleep cycle changes. Add to that not being able to drink outside and her stress is apparent. Confirmation of that is clear: she is peeing just outside the litter box much more since all this change occurred. I have come to understand that this is her “I am literally pissed off at you” response.

Last night, every two hours she circled the house, yowling. Since 3 AM she has been circling the house, yowling. She is right now standing at the base of my chair, yowling. She wants me to open the patio door so that she can walk out onto the deck, see that her water is just inside the door, and come back in. Within 2 minutes this process will repeat and continue over and over and over. It continues as we ignore her. It continues as we take her to her water bowl and watch her drink. It will most likely occur all day while we are out. It will surely occur again tonight, and most likely for indefinite nights to come.

She eats. She drinks. She pees and poops. I have tried to keep her routine as consistent as possible, including always making sure to be home for feeding times, to give her attention right away when we do come home, to sit with her at night, to groom her. Somehow, we have to get beyond this water issue.

She’s moved to my lap, tired and hopefully ready for bed to sleep the day away and prepare for another round tonight. I wonder just how long it will be until I can be an adult and stay up past 8 PM.


5 thoughts on “In senile cat news, because I know you want an update…”

  1. Am gonna dedicate some meditation work for you and your cat today, in the hopes of supporting greater peace and sleep time for all involved in this unfortunate situation.

    Anticipate serious ohm’ing coming your way…


    1. Why thank you…I think that I can feel some peace manifesting around me right now, although that might just be because the cat has finally decided to take her morning name 🙂
      BTW-I purchased some earplugs for sleep time. They worked fairly well last night, once the cat went off to yowl in the farthest corner of the living room.

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    1. I think it just keeps her fuller longer more than anything, but who knows. At least that area seems to be under control, if the rest will just even out…


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