Feminist Friday: Discussions of feminism, atheism, and religious belief.

You are all aware by now that, as a sociology student, I got deeply into a focused analysis of all things female, sexual, gendered, sexist, and feminist along with most permutations that surround those topics. I also came out, if you will, and clearly announced that I am an atheist. I am an atheist because science tells me that a supreme deity does not exist. I identify as an atheist because I am a feminist as well, although those two ‘ist’ identities are not mutually exclusive for many. I define as a feminist-atheist because I truly will not abide with the idea professed by many belief systems that a deity set down in writing various declarations that codify males to be the only privileged and superior beings on earth.

Before this becomes a debate about religious text, or interpretation of those texts, or myth versus fact, or literal versus figurative; before this sparks comments whereby I am enlightened on ‘true’ or ‘real’ teachings and meanings; before I find myself needing to defend my words; before those of you who do believe, who do follow a religious or spiritual system, who may choose to take offense with this post – please understand:

I am not asking anyone to convince me to believe or change my mind. I am not asking anyone to agree with my viewpoint or my non-belief or opinions. I am not trying to tell you that you are wrong, or crazy, or confused.

I am simply questioning, wondering, and noting that this post is merely an introduction to the topic of religion, spirituality, belief, atheism, and feminism. I can be an atheist and still be interested in learning about religion and belief systems. I can be a feminist and still be interested in learning about other viewpoints associated with women, and gender, and oppression, and race, and sex, and…

I am, in fact, very interested in learning more about religion and its place in our society. I have read the Bible, more than once. I chose to take basic classes in religion while I was a student. I have chosen to read and study differing viewpoints on religion. I have written about feminism and atheism and religion along with the how and why they all may come together. I have been asked to comment on, and blog about topics specific to the place of feminism among religious systems and beliefs.

However, I feel that I am woefully lacking in preparation to do this, specifically to do this well, yet the idea fascinates me because religion plays such a key role in virtually every society on this planet, and feminism is a force that must also address the role that religion plays among all women, rather subscriber or atheist, or those who consider themselves searching somewhere in between.

I am at a crossroads, thus the reason for this post. Perhaps this topic is one best left for my personal research, and reflection. Perhaps, as I read more it can be a topic that is shared here. Perhaps, if anyone is interested they could share their opinions, or resources. Perhaps this will be the first, and last mention, of this idea.

While I ponder over the path that these topics may take on this blog I have a few texts specific to feminism and religion waiting to be read. I have essays in many of my old sociology and WGSS textbooks that may provide insight. I welcome conversation and opinion from others that advances relevant discussion. Let’s see if I can pull together some thoughts and provide some general posts that can serve as a springboard. Let’s see where this may lead.

For today, I want to share this article with you.

I’m a Catholic Feminist, and my church needs me more than ever

I found it very interesting. As someone who has rather biased views regarding Catholicism, I am choosing not to add my thoughts now. I’d like to see if anyone responds in the comments and shares their reactions. We’ll give it a few days, then revisit this page.




5 thoughts on “Feminist Friday: Discussions of feminism, atheism, and religious belief.”

  1. “Perhaps, if anyone is interested they could share their opinions, or resources. Perhaps this will be the first, and last mention, of this idea.

    I think all that’s really left is for you to explicate your reasons for being that which you identify as (ie feminist and atheist). I wouldn’t consider myself a feminist, and you didn’t really give reasons as to why you are (aside from what seemed a reactionary response to religious constructs, which I could see, but could do with some unpacking), so it’s hard to have a discussion over that.

    Having said that, I did want to address the following:

    “I am an atheist because science tells me that a supreme deity does not exist.

    I think one must be careful with this assertion. Science can only say that there is no “supreme deity” within that which can be observed. It’s a subtle point, but an important one, I think.


    1. Oscar, I agree with the fact that I wasn’t a bit more specific in my word choice regarding science and an infallible assertion of deity existence. Perhaps a clearer picture of my identity as an atheist may have been stated with the conditional phrasing that ‘until such time that it is proven conclusively that no deity has ever or currently exists…’ However, being the overall skeptic that I am, I have to admit that I hold to the logical conclusion (to me at least) that until said entity appears before me and can convince me otherwise, no such entity exists.
      As to the unexplained identification as a feminist- sorry to leave you wondering. To be quite honest here, I assumed that engagement with this post would be from my standard readership, who have been around for some time to read my reasons for advocating feminist viewpoints. It is rare that I come across new readers who do more than simply like a post and move on. This blog is not known for its overabundance of ‘outside’ commentators. BTW, for your involvement I am very appreciative 🙂
      Perhaps, if this topic takes wing it would be advantageous to spend some time early on reviewing my reasons for, or place within feminism, or providing an open forum for others to review their involvement as well. Unfortunately, there is no one post that I can send you to within this blog that will explain feminism and myself, and my POV within this movement is evolving and expanding steadily as I interact with other feminists and study current issues.


      1. Ah I see. Well then I’ll just have to become a more regular reader then, won’t I? I’ll have a more thorough perusal of your site when I have a bit more time. Thanks for the response.


  2. Interesting article. I tend to agree with many of her points. I have struggled mightily over my role as a woman and how it is interpreted by Christianity. I look forward to more posts from you on this!


    1. Thanks. I would like this to be something that can involve more than the standard, I post-folks read and comment-we move on. I suppose I envision something more ongoing or interactive so this post is really meant to see if I can elicit some involvement or interest. I really don’t want to make everything on this blog a rant, which I feel I could easily do when it comes these topics.

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