An abundance of great writing

I feel as if many great articles and essays have come across some of the sites that I follow in just the last few days that I’m going sort of crazy, posting one after another on the Facebook version of this blog. I love sharing those articles, but I also realize that people who follow me there may not want endless posts coming across their news feed from my page. Also, if you only read this version of the blog, you may missing out on some great, and timely writing.

So in the interest of sharing some outstanding information and insight, and so that I can succinctly place all of the info in one place, this post is going to highlight the latest articles that speak to me, that I find insightful, or moving, or important. In no way are these the only worthwhile reads at any of these sites, but lets face it, you are more than capable of visiting the sights, exploring and opting to read what interests you. Frankly, I hope that you do, because I also understand that what I presume to be important may not be what you deem as necessary or personally interesting.

So, first off from Upworthy

1. A Super Bowl add…   You may have heard this one already, but it was chilling and profound, and needed, in my opinion.

2. A Girl on Facebook Said…    The words of Sarah O’Neal made me stop. Just yesterday I watched the news. A police dash camera showed an encounter between a 76-year-old black man, using a golf club as a cane and walking down the street, and a white Seattle police officer who demanded that he put the club down. She made accusations of him swinging the club ‘at her’ although this was never apparent on the video. He refused to lay the club down as she grew louder, focusing on his ability to use the club as a weapon if he chose to. My thoughts: Just don’t argue. Just put the club down. Stop asking why. You will be the next victim. You have to know when to stop fighting. Sarah O’Neal makes it clear that, as a black living in America, in seeking to be recognized as a human, in asking for everything afforded to white’s in our society, sometimes standing up is the only answer.

Now, from Everyday Feminism

**Please note the TW that accompanies the first two articles: rape and sexual assault. 

1. Sex After Sexual Assault…   “…considering the impact that sexual assault has on a person’s sexual self.”

2. How Rape Has Become a Staple of American Culture   Included after this specific video are some links that discuss rape culture which I recommend as well.

3. Fat People Are Not the Problem…

4. 5 Alternatives to Taking Your Spouse’s Last Name   It all hearkens back to the idea of wife as property to do with as I please and placing that label of ‘She is my possession’ onto her being.

5. Stop Asking Already…   **Another TW article on abuse and sexual violence

Lastly, from HuffPost Women 

1. Kristen Schaal on Manspreading      In light of my recent post on the phenomenon of manspreading this is a must see inclusion.

2. Ideal Body Types Through History…

3. 6 Things…Bad Feminist   A reminder that feminism can be expressed in many ways and ‘outspoken bitch’ isn’t necessarily one of them.

There you go, a few of my favorites from this past week.


Love to hear from you!

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