Pebbles – Our Puzzling Paradox – Part Two

I asked about little Pebbles, and her grandma Stone was nice enough to help me out with a few posts, plus this one, to give me some insight into Pebbles. I haven’t highlighted this blog in the Blog Share series as of yet, so let’s consider this that post.

Pebbles on the Road follows Grandpa & Grandma Stone, who are raising their granddaughter Pebbles. I was drawn to the blog initially because, well we have the grandma thing and the granddaughter in common, although I only care for Miss G part of the time.

Grandma Stone is a pretty remarkable lady in my opinion, and as I read each post I am more impressed with what this pair of grandparents has taken on in raising Pebbles.

You will want to go back to the blog to read some of the background on Pebbles, and how she came to be part of the Stone family. It is hard, but heartwarming, and the love is apparent.

Pebbles on the Road

A recent post I wrote describing Pebbles’ cute obsession with mangling game rules prompted a reader to ask if Pebbles does the same thing when she plays with her friends.

That question can’t be answered with a simple Yes or No. Or even a Sort of. Like everything else with Pebbles – nothing is simple. I’ve written a few posts about the trials of raising her. You can find them in the Special Needs category.

We’ve ridden the Mystery Diagnosis Roller Coaster with Pebbles ever since her first official evaluation when she was four. Since then we’ve dragged her from specialist to specialist in an effort to get an answer that would explain WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH THIS CHILD!!


We still aren’t certain but we think we’re getting closer to knowing. We’ve been given so many diagnoses that sort of fit. But as time…

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One thought on “Pebbles – Our Puzzling Paradox – Part Two”

  1. Awww! Thanks for including me in your Blog Share series. I’m truly honored. But mostly I feel all warm and fuzzy because you’ve taken an interest in Pebbles. I hope to write more of her backstory as time goes on, and to share more about her momma, as well.
    ❤ Mai


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