A little travel irritation; also, drinking dilemmas

The books are packed. The knitting has its own bag and is ready as the official alternate activity. The computer will be taking its rightful place in the bag soon. I’ve got the phone charger. Food will be packed up, although we have to stop by the grocer near our destination to pick up a few more things. The weather is anticipated to be heavy rains and wind, I wonder if we will find ourselves without power… also rivers overflowing banks, and mudslides, are high on the list of fun things one might encounter this weekend. All of that for roughly one and one half days in a cabin in the woods by the coast.

Do I sound a bit snarky? If not, just know that, for a moment, I’m trying to. I love going west to the coast and staying in this little beach side community. I would seriously consider living there if not for the lack of civilizations finer things, like shopping malls, and stocked grocery stores, and medical care. I don’t even mind the 2 hour drive so much, although my butt is distinctly numb by the time we arrive usually. My beef is with check-in and check-out times: 4 PM in, 11 AM out. That means, when you only have the opportunity to go for a 3 day weekend, you are really getting about 2 days, although if you want to sleep at all it comes down to about 36 hours.

Before you go defending the hospitality industry (which I believe this whole rent a house thing falls under) I know that the service staff has to have time to clean and polish the place before we enter for our stay. I do appreciate that. I would rather have a bathroom sink free from someone else’s hair or soap scum. I would rather track in my own outdoor detritus and leave my own messes in the kitchen. I especially hope anticipate the new linens will be crisp and the extra comforter will be laid out on the bed. I also know that this particular cabin has been rented through this morning, so yes, please allow the cleaning staff to do their job.

There’s the other end as well. When you’ve been enjoying your stay, maybe indulging in some alcoholic beverages, taking the time to sleep in and luxuriate in those soft and cozy beds, how snarky would most people be if the notice stated that check-out time was something like 8 AM. The staff could be waiting, of course discretely behind a tree or in their golf cart 50 feet down the lane, but then swoop in at 8:01, clean up the place to spic and span order and the next guest could be in by, oh maybe 10 or 11.

I get that this is how the world of rental properties works, but I just had to snarl for a moment. A simple weekend getaway isn’t really all that simple when you don’t own the place you are traveling to. Of course, none of this will matter in a few hours when we are in the car, driving through torrential rains to our little cabin in the woods, but it really does sort of suck that you need to have an extra day on either side of a 3 day weekend just to make it a real 3 day weekend away.

This community is great though. They typically allow guests to head to their homes well before the official 4 PM check-in times if the house is clean and available so we always get there early just in case. It’s rather funny how, just by walking into the door at 3 instead of 4 you feel like you’ve gotten another whole day to play.

And…just because I took the time to Google this yesterday after 4 1/2 hours of cat yowls and flinging herself at every available outside door in the hope that she could slip out to a puddle of standing water…

Why Does My Cat Drink Dirty Water?

So, as an experiment this morning, after yowling around the bed (begun at 3:30) and trying to climb up onto the window ledge in the bedroom to attempt escape to the outside I let the cat out at 4:45 in the pouring rain…twice…to drink from the dirty water. She ate her breakfast and is now sleeping contentedly in the chair opposite me. My next goal: teach her to let herself outside and back in.

I am so looking forward to the next two nights of sleep.


4 thoughts on “A little travel irritation; also, drinking dilemmas”

    1. I know, I considered it. It would have to be one of those that fit into a sliding patio door, but geez – she is old and honestly I keep telling myself that she most likely won’t be around much longer… but then I consider that she could be one of those cats that live to be 25 in cat years.

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