Beach cabins can be dark, quiet places

It’s been a lovely day here. Not sunny by any means, but the rain has held off for most of the day. We took a few walks, plotting which houses we would buy if we had half a million dollars, or more.

I made some attempts to start reading the texts I brought along…remember that ‘light reading’ post I showed you the other day…and I decided that I chose some great books, but great books need lots of devotion to reading, and remembering, and writing about them in detail. This feminism and religion project is going to be just that, an ongoing project. I hope you can stay tuned. I don’t promise any solid regularity or schedule, but I do want to include those of you who are interested in the information and opinions that I come to as I wade through all these amazing words and viewpoints.

Our last walk was taken at about 3:30. When we returned to the cabin it was apparent very quickly that we didn’t have any power. Our cabin is in an area that is on the northern outskirts of the community so I wasn’t sure if it was just us, or a community wide issue. We went up to the rental office and quickly realized that the entire town was without power. It seems that there had been a car accident out on the main ocean road. It must have involved a power pole and transformer leading into our adopted town. We heard, “We hope the power company has everything working in a few hours,” from one of the customer service folk.

The daughter and I utilized what was left of the afternoon light to do some reading and knitting. Just before 5 PM the maintenance golf cart came rolling up to the door. We received our complimentary candle, lighter and flashlight. As the cart pulled away, I wondered what they were trying to tell us. Perhaps they anticipated a long, powerless evening. I had a few working flashlights in my car which helped as well.

It got darker and darker, and the rain started. Actually, I found it rather pleasant to sit in the slowly darkening cabin, listening to the rain hit the skylights. By 6:30, just as we were trying to put our dinner together by candle and flashlight, the power came back on.

We finished fixing our meal, and chose to eat by candlelight anyway.


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