Cozy in beach camp

We’ve arrived, the daughter and I. We got in about 3:30 yesterday, the cabin was ready and waiting and we had a brief break in the weather so that we could carry our stuff in without getting soaked.

These little loft style cabins sit right up against old growth forest, literally 10 feet out our back door is the dense, lush cedar forest common to the Pacific Northwest.



It poured buckets on our drive here. I haven’t used my high-speed wipers so often, EVER. As we neared the coast, the harbor was mucky, and brown, and almost spilling over into the city. All the rivers were running very high as well, and I cautioned the daughter to keep her eyes open for moving hillsides, as this area was hit hard during the last heavy bout of rain.

The cabin itself is…cozy. The kitchen is functional, there are way too many chairs in this tiny space, and the gas fireplace pours out heat so quickly that the ambiance is lost as the sweat starts to pour off your body, but the ceilings are high, the sun is coming through the windows and skylights for now and I am relishing the music on the iPod as I write this.

IMG_20150208_084814385I am not climbing this ladder by the way. I have the bedroom just behind the ladder wall.



Every time I come here it amazes me that these homes and cabins always seem to be rented. Normally going to our coast, and to the usual hotel/motel around here, means that you have the place almost to yourself. The originators of this little, but growing, community have found the magic and marketing ability to draw folks in all the time.

As of this point I haven’t opened a single book on my reading list, but I did spend time last night working on entries for the upcoming April A-Z blogging challenge, so I feel productive. We originally planned to go to the local restaurant for dinner after our arrival, but after stopping at the grocer for some supplies we changed plans, bought a really yummy frozen mac & cheese made with smoked Gruyère, some frozen herb/butter sauce mixed veg and white chocolate/macadamia nut cookies, and stayed in for dinner.

The daughter is out somewhere, walking the beach for a time before the next torrential storm rolls in as expected later. I am going to read the news of the day, put you all aside, and attempt to pick up my productive thread from last evening and accomplish something useful with my books. If that fails, I have my knitting.


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